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In our other content, we listed the top 10 image editing software that you can use by yourself but what if you are an online business person who needs to upload very clear and professionally retouched photos of the products? Or you want your wedding photos to be wonderful and incomparable? Yes, then you need a professional photo editing company to meet all your requirements.

There are thousands of companies in the world waiting for your order with amazing services and skilled editors. The best part is they provide graphic designing services too.  It doesn’t matter where you are from because they have an online ordering system and payment method. So you can work with them from anywhere anytime.

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Now take a look at the top 10 photo editing and graphic designing companies of the world.

1. Invensis photo editing service

Invensis is the world-class photo editing and graphic designing company that provides you high quality, expert-level and digital photo repair while saving both money and time. The company works under the Invensis Technologies, IT-BPO service provider. It has 10 years of experience and a well-trained & skilled team who work 24×7 for the clients. You can see their success rate when you visit their website. They are working with a vision to be a reliable solutions provider of choice in a niche market. 

Services: the services of Invensis include –

  • graphic designing, 
  • portrait retouching, 
  • real estate photo editing, 
  • photo restoration services, 
  • image clipping services, 
  • stock photo editing service, 
  • product photo retouching services, 
  • wedding photo retouching,
  •  album designing, 
  • 360-degree panorama stitching,
  • Virtual tour creation. 

2. FotoFigo

FotoFigo is an online-based digital photo editing service provider that provides the professionally retouched photographs. The expert team of this company ensures security, flawless retouching and super fast dispatch of the photos. They have done working for 5 million individual clients with four types of different pricing options. Working with them requires very simple steps. You just need to register, select the package, upload your photo and select the service that you want. Then the only thing will be left for you and that is downloading the retouched photo.

Services: It provides services like-

  •  portrait retouching, 
  • photo enhancement, 
  • event photo editing,
  •  real estate photo editing, 
  • photo manipulation and
  •  E-commerce photo editing.

3. Fix the photo:

This company offers professional photo retouching services that perfectly meet the demands of professional photographers as well as beginners. It is affordable and secure. Fix the photo has 15 years of experience in photo editing and has worked for clients of 86 different countries. You can demand your preference and choice. They’ll do according to your style. They accept all types of file formats like TIFF, PSD, JPEG, JPG, ARW, etc. To work with them, you just need to create an account, log in, send the photo and pay. 


  • Retouching portraits in Photoshop, 
  • wedding photo retouching services, 
  • high-end photo retouching services, 
  • product photo retouching, 
  • jewelry retouching, 
  • real estate photo editing service, 
  • custom image retouching, 
  • clipping path and masking service,  
  • photo manipulation and 
  • old photo retouching and restoration. 

4. Retinka:

Retinka, a company of the Czech Republic is another great photo editing and retouching service provider that is different from others as they use a creative approach to provoke thought and appeal the eyes. It is working from 2014 in the field of photo editing. They claim to be incredibly fast within 24 hours and secure. They have 4 different types of packages and 3 categories of service. Customer satisfaction is the most important priority of the company.

Services: Retina provides services like-

  •  photo editing and retouching, 
  •  E-commerce photo editing, 
  •  magazine editing,
  •  Portrait retouching etc.

5. Photza:

The Company has started the journey in 2012 and by this time they’ve gone so far. Now they are one of the most dominating photo editing companies in the world. Photza claims to solve any kind of issues with photos. Their brilliant photo editing service has made it a very cost-effective photo editing service providers to the clients. They deliver the retouched photo extremely fast. All you need to do is uploading the photo and choosing the option that you want. 

Services: Though it does not offer a lot of services, they focus on- 

  • Photo retouching, 
  • photo restoration, 
  • wedding photo editing and 
  • Portrait retouching & beautifying.

6. High volume images

High Volume Images is a sister company of Finnet Limited of the UK. It has more than 80 image editing specialists who turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary one. The company works for photographers, model agencies, magazines, and E-commerce companies. It provides affordable, high quality and secure services to the clients. 

Services: The company offers services like-

  • Portrait retouching
  • Car photo editing
  • Jewelry retouching
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Background removal
  • Photo restoration

7. We edit Photos:

We edit photos is an amazing and experienced photo editing company with a skilled team for the photographers who value time and money. It is perfect for photographers of any level. The specialties include wide assets of professional photo editing, 24×7 client support, and safety of the photos.

Services: The services of Weedit Photos are-

  •  photo enhancement, 
  • photo post-processing, 
  • photo post-production,
  •  photo culling, 
  • photo correction, 
  • background removal, 
  • beauty retouching service, 
  • color correction,
  •  glamour retouching and 
  • Wedding photo editing.

8. Deepatch:

Deepatch is one of the leading photo editing and graphic designing companies in the world. It can be your complete outsource partner for all requirements of photo editing. It is experienced, secure and super quick. Deepatch is for photographers, Internet retailers, graphic designers, and webmasters. The best thing about the company is it offers the first 5 photo editing at free of cost. 

    Services: The company does-

  • background removal, 
  • clipping path, 
  • Photoshop masking,
  • photo retouching, 
  • color correction and
  •  Raster to vector.

9. Retouch the Photos:

Retouch the Photos is a Malaysia based graphic design and photo editing farm. They’re highly experienced and professional in the field of photo editing service. High profile clients like National Geographic, Vogue, Nike, Puma, and Adidas have worked with them for their well- versed employees and latest technologies. They offer a free trial for 2 images to judge their quality. They ensure cost-effectiveness, privacy, friendly support, secured payment gateway, and fast dispatch.

Services: Retouch the photo offers services like- 

  • Portrait retouching, 
  • headshot photography retouch,
  •  high-end retouch,
  •  family photo retouch, 
  • newborn baby retouch, 
  • boudoir photo retouch,
  • real estate photo editing,
  •  old/ damaged photo restoration, 
  • image manipulation, 
  • wedding photo retouching,
  •  product photo editing, 
  • ghost mannequin service, 
  • Photoshop masking service, 
  • drop shadow/ mirror effect service,
  •  Food photography editing and 
  • Background removal services. 

10. Digital Touch:

Digital touch is a UK based photo editing and graphic designing company that targets clients of both business and individual. They’ve gained a huge reputation by working tirelessly for 8 years in the digital photo editing sector. They provide friendly and affordable services by a passionate image manipulation team and ensure faster dispatch of the photos. 

Services: The services of Digital touch are- 

  • wedding photo retouching, 
  • beauty photo retouching for business, 
  • product photo retouching, 
  • digital photo restoration and 
  • Family photo editing.

So this is the list of top 10 graphic designing and photo editing companies that can help you in getting professionally retouched photo editing and graphic designs.

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