Brief Questions of Sonnet 18

Brief Questions of Sonnet 18 Q: Who is the writer of Sonnet- 18? Ans: William Shakespeare Q: What is the other name of Sonnet 18? Ans: "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?" is the first line of sonnet 18 by which the poem is named often. Q: What is a sonnet? Ans: Sonnet…

Who was Mephistopheles?

Ans: Mephistopheles was derived by Christopher Marlow from German Folklore where he was considered a Demon. Marlowe has presented him as the assistant of Lucifer.

What is writing?

Ans: Writing is the art of composing text. It is the visual presentation of a language and one's inner idea. Being a productive skill, writing's purpose is to produce and save information in written or printed form. It is a powerful medium for spreading the message.

What is Seven Sleepers’ Den?

What do you know about the seven sleepers' den? Ans: Seven Sleepers' Den indicates the cave of the seven devoted Christian Brothers of Ephesus who slept in a cave for about two hundred years to escape the death sentence by the king. It is an example of conceit, allusion, and superficially metaphor. We get this…

Who is the founder of Metaphysical School of Poetry?

Ans: John Donne, one of the most celebrated Elizabethan poets is the founder of the Metaphysical School of Poetry. Later on, many other poets followed him and write metaphysical poems. The Good Morrow is one of the famous poems written by Donne. The theme of Donne's poetry is love in most cases. Besides that, the…