Suggestion of 17th and 18th Century Non Fictional Prose

non fiction prose 2020

For 3rd Final Year Exam- 2020 Bacon’s essays never fail to attract readers- Discuss. Discuss Bacon’s prose style. Discuss Bacon as a philosopher/practical wisdom Discuss Addison as the pioneer of the English novel. Depict the 18th Century social pictures based on the ‘Coverley Papers’. Examine Addison as a social satirist. Discuss Dr. Johnson’s account of […]

Top Level Domain Extensions and Their Meanings

best top level domain extension tld

Choosing the right domain extension is the first concern while building a website. The success of the website often depends on the domain extension. Different types of top-level domain extensions are mostly used for websites. TLD is one of the factors to get a high amount of traffic on a website. Think, when you write […]

How to Get a Free Domain and Hosting

find free domain hosting

To get a free the best Domain and Hosting, we will use 000webhost. Google it First, and go to the site After entering the website, you need to find “Free Sign Up”. Click on it. For signing up, you have to enter your email address and a password. Or you can simply log in with […]

Top 15 best gyms for women fitness in Miami, USA

best gyms for women fitness in miami

Are you looking for a list of women gym in Miami? Not all gyms work for woman solely though there are a good number of quality gyms that has special facilities for the woman. Let’s be honest that gyms are boring. But some gyms have come with unique ideas and facilities to lead you towards […]

How to Buy the best domain name?

buy a domain hosting

To launch any website, you need a domain and hosting. Domain is the name of your website. And hosting is a place where your websites’ files will have kept on the web. Now let’s have a look at how you can buy a domain and buy a hosting. To purchase a top-level domain, I’m going […]

Best Yoga Accessories that you need

best yoga accessories

It is now an age of health awareness and information technology. Every sector like the health sector more or less is embracing technology and artificial intelligence. Health sectors especially the gym studios, physical exercise training centers, yoga center, weight loss hubs, swimming pools, healthy sports, all are using health technologies and accessories. Hundreds type of […]

Best 20 zombie games for mobile

We all love mobile games sometimes even more than pc games. Isn’t it? These are easy to play and available anytime and anywhere. When these are zombie games, the combination is perfect for our leisure.  In case you love zombie mobile games and want to have a recommendation, I am here to help. Check out […]

Suggestion of Victorian Poetry for 3rd Year

Final Exam – 2020 Part- C Find out the Pictorial Qualities in Tennyson’s poetry How does Tennyson handle myth and legend? Discuss Browning’s Philosophy of life Discuss Robert Browning’s attitude to art and life Write a critical appreciation of Dover Beach Comment on Arnold’s treatment of nature. Comment on Arnold’s personal/sad elements in his poems. […]

How to Analyze Competitors by SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-round tool that gives sneaky competitor analysis opportunities. It helps online business companies for improving online visibility. Online marketers have the advantage to discover marketing insights and can set up a powerful marketing strategy and prospect. If you are a digital marketer, novice or pro marketer, semrush is for you. Leveraging the […]

The main characteristics of Renaissance

What is Renaissance? Discuss the main characteristics of Renaissance. Answer: The word Renaissance is an Italian word which means re-birth or regeneration or reawakening. Actually it was a revolution reviving the spirit of Greek and Latin learning. This revival of classical knowledge is called the Renaissance. It conveys the idea that for centuries. It shows […]

The Salient features of Romanticism

What is Romanticism? Discuss salient features of Romanticism with special reference to W.Wordsworh and John Keats. Answer: The word Romanticism has been derived from the word Romance which means to give full play imagination. Romanticism has occupied a permanent position in English literature. It is a style of art music and literature that was common […]

Neoclassical is an Age of Prose and Reason

Why neoclassical age is called an Age of Prose and Reason? Discuss with reference to Defoe and Swift. According to Matthew Arnold 18th century (Neoclassical age) is the ‘glorious age of prose and reason’. This century records the triumph of English prose. There have been various kinds of prose to deal with the discoveries of […]

Top 20 Best Zombie Movies of All Time

Zombies may seem unrealistic nevertheless there is no way of denial and we all love to watch zombie movies. The creepy blood-stained faces of the zombies and the survival of people for saving their lives are scary as well as exciting to watch. Since we are staying home, there is time to binge-watch a nightmarish […]

My Last Duchess

Critical Appreciation of My Last Duchess by Robert Browing. “My Last Duchess” is the first poem of the volume Dramatic Lyrics that was published in 1842 by the title “Italy”. Seven years later, the title was changed to “My Last Duchess” in 1849. The poem is based on a historical Italian nobleman, Alfonso II who […]