Suggestion for Advanced Reading and Writing Skills

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Robert Browning

He is a Victorian poet. Born on 7 May 1812, in London, UK. Died on 12 December 1889 (aged 77), Venice, Kingdom of Italy His Father’s name was also Robert Browning, a bank clerk who build a library at home. His mother’s name was Sarah Anna Wiedemann, a pious woman, mixed German and Scottish. Ten years older than

Jane Austen

The most well-known female writer in the history of English literature. She was born in Steventon, UK, on December 16, 1775. She was the youngest of seven children in her family. Jane Austen’s father was a country vicar. Jane got most of her education at home. Her family members are all fond of reading books.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Alfred, Lord Tennyson Alfred Tennyson was an English poet. Born: 6 August 1809 Died: 6 October 1892 Nationality: English Occupation: Poet Laureate during much of Queen Victoria’s reign (1850–1892), The British Poet Laureate is an honorary position appointed by the monarch of the United Kingdom. It was in 1850 that Tennyson reached the pinnacle of his career, finally publishing his

Ask Yourself and Know Thyself

Ask Yourself. ——————————- তুমি কি একটু বড় বড় আর ফাকা ফাকা করে লিখ? তোমার হাতের লিখা স্পষ্ট? বোঝা যায়? তুমি কি quotation দাও? ইনভার্টেড কমা ইউজ করো? বানান ঠিক থাকে? রাইটারের নাম ওলটপালট হয়নিত? গ্রামারের কি খবর? একটু ফ্রি-হ্যান্ড লিখেছ? কত পেজ লিখ? কম হয়ে গেল নাতো? যা চেয়েছে তাই লিখছ, নাকি বাড়তি লিখছ? লিখার

English Department-এর স্টুডেন্টদের কিছু ভুল-ভ্রান্তি

English Department-এর স্টুডেন্টদের কিছু ভুল-ভ্রান্তি ———————————————————————- রাইটার ও রাইটিং এর নাম লিখতে গিয়ে ক্যাপিটালাইজ না করা রাইটার ও রাইটিং এর নামের বানান ভুল করা রিডিং + রাইটিং স্কিল এ ফার্স্ট ইয়েয়ারে গুরুত্ব না দেয়া কোটেশান এর আগে ও পরে কোটেশান মার্ক “—” ইউজ না করা কোটেশান ইউজ না করা খাতায় উত্তর লেখার সময় প্রতিটা প্যারার


Oenone by Lord Alfred Tennyson “Oenone” is a dramatic monologue written by The Victorian poet Lord Alfred Tennyson in 1829. The whole poem is a kind of lament in which the elegiac mood predominates. Oenone feels so miserable that she calls upon death to come and end her life. Memories of Paris’s past love for

Edmund Spenser

Birth: 1552/1553 – London, England (there is still some ambiguity) Parents: His parenthood is obscure, but he was probably the son of John Spenser, a journeyman clothmaker. Spouse: Married his first wife, Machabyas Childe. They had two children, Sylvanus and Katherine. By 1594, Spenser’s first wife had died, and in that year, he married a

Locksley Hall

Flash Card Locksley Hall Alfred Lord Tennyson —————— “Locksley Hall” is a dramatic monologue centering on unrequited love. A dramatic monologue is a poem that presents a moment in which a narrator/speaker discusses a topic and, in so doing, reveals his personal feelings to a listener. Only the narrator talks—hence the term monologue, meaning “single (mono) discourse (logue).”

Know all Literary ISM

Read the content and know all Literary “ISM” Humanism Humanism came to be applied to the revival of Classical Literature. In the Elizabethan age, the scholars revived the old classical knowledge of Greek and Latin language and gave birth to a new culture. This is humanism. People of that time, especially scholars show great interest