11 Best Tips for YouTube Video SEO: How to Rank Videos in First Page

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If you upload video on YouTube and don’t get desired number of views, then this content is for you. Even, if you are an expert YouTube video maker, you can also go through this blog to rank videos higher. It is about YouTube Video SEO tips that rank videos in first page.

It will resolve many questions about SEO for YouTube videos and increasing video views. Search Engine Optimization for videos is undoubtedly necessary to be stand out of others. Without proper SEO of videos, your best videos may not rank and you won’t get thousands views. Appropriate SEO process will bring your videos in the front page and also YouTube will suggest viewers to watch your videos.

In this content, I am going to show you how to SEO for YouTube videos step by step.

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Tip-1: Optimize title of your videos with exact keyword. Title must be attractive and clickbait. It also must be matched with video category. It should be keyword enriched. I mean, you have to put right keywords here. Research proper keywords for your videos and help the viewers to get those. Note that the words which are used to search for videos are keywords.

For keyword research, you can use free keyword research tools like Keywordtool.io or Ubersuggest. These are highly useful tool for keyword research.

You can also research video title by searching other’s videos of same category in YouTube. You will get idea and inspiration.

Use some attractive words in the title, such as ‘best’, ‘amazing’, ‘actionable’, ‘step by step’, ‘top’, and some other words that goes with your video topics.

Tip-2: Add video description. Many new YouTubers make mistake here. They think that description is not so necessary and so, the avoid it. But, if you add description or you vides, here you can put a lot of video related keywords that Google detects while someone search videos.

YouTube allows adding description of 5000 characters. So, grab the opportunity.

Tip-3: Input tags. YouTube will allow you putting tags for videos. Here you can also provide video keywords up to 500 characters. For researching YouTube tags and getting right tags from other people’s video, you can use Tubebuddy tool. You can install free on Chrome browser as an extension.

This tool will help you grabbing high rank tags, show you tags that will rank videos, allow you copying tags from other YouTube videos of same category and many other stuffs.

You can search your selected title on Google search field and get the suggested search keywords from the bottom of first page. If you can add these keywords in your videos, it will help ranking in first page.

For tagging, firstly add your title as a tag and try to break it down and make more tags from it.

Tip-4: Add attractive YouTube video thumbnails. Most of the YouTube viewers click on video seeing the thumbnails. And then they watch video. So, in first impression, you video thumbnails must be eye-catching and clickable.

Tip-5: Share videos to social media. Only YouTube SEO is not enough. Try to bring views manually first sharing videos to various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Redit, Pinterest, and more.

YouTube considers the number of video views and view times. If your videos can attract viewers’ attention and get some videos and view times, YouTube will take it positively and provide your video rank.

Tip-6: Create quality and useful video. Remember quality first, then quantity. If the viewers don’t watch your videos and they leave within 1 or 2 or 3 minutes, that means your videos are not useful and worthy of watching. Then, YouTube will assume that your videos are low quality. So, your video will not get ranked and suggested in the first page.

Tip-7: Put title and keywords in Details from video properties. It is off-page SEO optimization and core changes of information in your video. This property setup will help Google to detect and rank videos.

Tip-8: Publish longer videos. Longer video means more information. The viewers will get more useful contents from such videos. As a result, you will get more watch time apart from shorter videos of your competitors. Audience retention is important factor for video ranking. Long 10 minutes videos will achieve more total watch time than short 2 minute videos. So, try to post big videos.

Tip-9: Hook your visitors first 15 seconds. YouTube recommend it. First fifteen seconds is important. This time people decide whether they will watch this video or consider the usefulness of the video. So use attractive messages, declare your main topic, the purpose of this video, or what the viewers will get out of this video. It will keep hold your audience in your videos.  

Tip-10: Say keywords in your videos. Remember YouTube and Google listen your video’s speech. Perhaps you can edit title, tags, description of your videos later, but yet they will not rank just because you did not say exact keyword in your videos.

Tip-11: Ask subscribe, like, comment, and share to your audience. Don’t bump with false ego. YouTube and Google consider public reaction and engagement, social signals, and many other things. Don’t fear negative comment and dislike. Every reaction is important for video ranking higher.

Add annotation, cards, respond to the comments and doing many other things, involve with your audience. Use YouTube community tabs to build relationship with audience.

Bonus Tips: Write blog contents, include video links, and create some Backlinks that will boost video rank.

This is all about pro video SEO tips. I think you can leverage all these SEO tips that definitely will improve your videos’ searching.