How many skills are there in English?

In English, there are many skills that people can learn and use. Some important skills include:

  1. Reading: Understand words and sentences in books or online.
  2. Writing: Express thoughts and ideas by putting words on paper or computer.
  3. Speaking: Talk and communicate using words.
  4. Listening: Understand and hear what others are saying.
  5. Grammar: Know the rules for how words are put together in sentences.
  6. Vocabulary: Learn and use new words to express ideas better.
  7. Pronunciation: Say words correctly so others can understand.
  8. Critical Thinking: Analyze information and make good decisions.
  9. Communication: Share thoughts and ideas clearly with others.
  10. Social Skills: Interact well with people in different situations.

These skills help in communicating effectively and understanding the world around us. People can practice and improve these skills over time.