Uber Most Frequently Asked Questions: Uber FAQs

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I know Uber since 2010. I use several times in a month for different purposes- sometimes for a ride and sometimes for food delivery. I was curious about Uber services and searching for more information.

Amazingly I found many questions unanswered and since I know answers to those questions, I tend to write this blog post for them who want to know Uber company and their services.

Here are some questions I have collected and tried to write answers to these. I think you will have a clear conception of going through this article. Let’s dive into Uber facts-

Who started Uber and why?

Back in 2009, Uber was launched by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. They named the company UberCab.

On a New Year evening, Camp hired a private car for $800 and thought to make the service affordable for the general people. Camp thought if multiple people share the cost of the services; it would lessen the riding cost. And thus, he started UberCab.

Rayan Graves was the first employee of UberCab in 2010 and later he became General Manager and then CEO of Uber.

When did uber begin?

Uber begins in 2009 by Garrett Camp.

Where did uber come from?

Uber officially got started in March 2009. The company is based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Who are the founders of Uber?

Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick are the founders of UberCab.

What kind of services does Uber offer?

The full name of Uber is Uber Technologies, Inc. It is a USA based multinational ride-sharing company. It offers peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and a micro-mobility system with electric bikes and scooters.

How many uber services are there?

A lot of services offered by Uber such as Ride, Drive, Eat, Business, Freight, Health, Uber Air, Uber Works, and Advanced Technologies Group.

How do I call Uber?

You can contact Uber for riders and drivers by online support. Go to the HELP section => Call Support of Uber App. You can also call Uber directly over the phone.

Can I book Uber without app?

Yes, you can call Uber without the app. It requires internet access. Go to riders.uber.com and take the receipt for the ride.

What does Uber stand for?

The origin of Uber is the German word über which means ‘above’ and in English, Uber is used as colloquial and it means ‘topmost’.

Is using Uber safe?

Yes, Of Course! Uber is safe. But still, there is a risk with a car. It is common to get into any car. So, be aware of everywhere.

Where is the safest place to sit in an Uber?

To sit back in the car is the safer place in an Uber. Not only Uber, rather in any car to sit in back-seat is safer. Sitting in the back you will get a quick exit on both sides as well as you can keep any of the driver and the road.

Is it safer to sit in the front or back of an Uber?

To sit in front of an Uber car is always risky. Rather sit in the back-seat is recommended for all. It is not only in Uber, rather in your own car, but you should also do the same.

How do I protect myself from Uber?

There are some tips for security while using Uber. Firstly, call your ride staying inside your room and check the right ride. Use the app carefully and have the rider confirm your name. While riding, get into the back-seat and wear a seat-belt. Share your trip detail with someone else and save your personal data. Be kind, trustworthy, respectful, and use your own judgment. Finally, give feedback for the ride. On an emergency, call directly to the Uber supports team.

How do I get an Uber fare estimate?

  • Open Uber App.
  • Type the pick location and the destination.
  • See the estimated price.
  • The price is based on traffic and the hour.
  • However, the price gets changes in different conditions.

What percentage does Uber take?

The drivers of Uber take $25 per hour and LYFT claims that their drivers earn $35 per hour. Uber takes 25% of each fare while LYFT takes 20%.

How does uber eats work?

Uber Eats work the same as Uber car service. To order for food delivery, just download Uber Eats App from Google play store or iPhone store. Install it in your android or iPhone.

While you are ordering food, you need an internet connection. Open the app, select your favorite restaurant, choose food and order. Wait for the rider who will pick the food from a restaurant and will deliver it to you according to your location.

The order includes shipping charges and tax. You will get various discounts that will reduce food-cost.

To sum up, here I have included possible all the questions. You hopefully will get your desired answer out of this article.