How to remove background from an image

replace white background in photoshop

How to remove background from an image by clipping path

Do you want to kick out the background from product images?

Let’s start!

  • Open an image in Photoshop.
  • Take Pen tool from the left toolbar. You can use other selection tools like lasso tool, magic wand tool as well.
  • Create a clipping path around the image. If the image is simple, it needs a small number of anchor points. On the other hand, a complex type of image requires a large number of anchor points.
  • After completing the path creation, press Ctrl + Enter to make a selection.
  • Finally, hit the delete button. You will get the background removed and a transparent background.
  • To place a white background, take a new layer. Keep it under the main image layer and fill it with a white background color.