What is Lyric?

The word ‘Lyric’ is closely related to the word ‘lyre’, a kind of musical instrument. In ancient Greece, some poems were sung in accompany with the lyre. Such a poem came to be known as a lyrical poem.  

The main characteristic of the lyric is its musical stains inbuilt in its texture. Its music or lyricism is achieved by the use of alliteration, assonance, rhythm, rhyme, meters, and lucid diction. It is subjective in nature and capable of sustaining powerful emotion. Traditionally, the subjects of the lyric are love, sense of loss or nostalgia, heroism, death, emotional crises, and the like.

Lyric is divided into several genres such as the sonnet, ode, elegy, and dramatic monologue. Shakespeare’s sonnets, Keats’ odes, Thomas Gray’s elegies, and the dramatic monologues of Tennyson and Robert Browning are the perfect example of English Lyrical Poems.