software list

A Useful Software List that you use in your Everyday life

Software for different purposes-

Adobe Photoshop –   Adobe Photoshop is a raster or raw image editor software that allows you to create and edit images. You can do image editing, graphics design, and digital art-making by the software. Also, basic editing tasks like image manipulating, slicing, cropping, coloring are easy here. In a word, it is a complete solution to all your needs in image editing and graphic designing.

Adobe Illustrator –   Adobe Illustrator is a vector program for creating image, graph, logos, icon, and character. It is useful for both artist and graphic designer. You can make flawless graphic design and other vector arts without harming the resolution. It provides ready to print graphics quality. It works pretty well in windows and apple both.

GIMP – Nowadays everyone needs a good photo editing software. Gimp is a free image manipulation program. It is perfect for regular use as well as professional use. You can do simple editing and complex image manipulating both by it. Some features of GIMP include painting, animation, advanced manipulation, file handling, and many more.

Corel Draw –  CorelDraw is a vector editing software for creating images, icons, and animation. Some of its features are contrast adjusting, color balancing, special effect adding, etc. You can download it for free. But if you need more advanced features, you have to pay some amount. It is available for windows and macOS.

Portrait Pro – Portrait Pro is one of the best photo editing software. Especially if you need a flawless portrait, it is the best one for you. Portrait pro has countless features for image retouching. Makeup fixation is one of the cool features among them. It gives you professional photo retouching, light adjustment, perfect wedding photo editing, and many more advanced features.

Adobe Premier Pro – Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program that can give you a professional result in digital video editing. It has lots of organized tools, a rich ecosystem of video production apps, a stabilizer, a multi-camera angle editing option, and a flexible interface. It is not free yet you can get 30days of free trial option. Adobe Premiere Pro is available for both Windows and macOS.

AfterEffects –   AfterEffects is a powerful animation and video editing software by Adobe. It is useful for both photographers and designers for the amazing tools. It gives a professional result in character making, graphic designing, video editing, and so on. AfterEffects is available for both Windows and macOS. It is easy to use and serves the purposes quite brilliantly.

Adobe Dream Weaver – Adobe Dream Weaver is a web-coding software with advanced web designing tools. Whether you are a designer or coder, it is useful for you. It has third party support, many built-in design templates, EDE style coding support, and many more amazing features. Both Windows and macOS users can use it.

Brackets –  Brackets is a free and open-source text editor software developed by Adobe. It is used for web development as well as code writing in different languages like Java, Python, C, C++, etc. it is quite simple and easy to use for both professionals and new users. Brackets is available for windows and macOS. 

Notepad++ –  Notepad ++ is a powerful, free, and open-source code editor. It supports about 60 programming languages as well as scripting, code folding, syntax highlighting, and lots of plugins, etc. The software is written in C++ language and takes a small space in the hard drive. It has a user-friendly interface and easily customizable features.

SEMrush –  SEMrush is an SEO tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, conversion checking, position tracking, domain overview with a bunch of useful features. You will need it if you are a digital marketer. It is straightforward and functions perfectly in analytical research. As the software does not come free, you have to pay some amount every month.

Ahref –  Ahref is another SEO tool that helps in digital marketing. it provides competitor research, link building, keyword research, content research, rank tracking, mention monitoring, and conversion tracking. You can stay on the first page on Google on keywords with the help of it. In a word, Ahref helps you to grab all the possibilities in content marketing.

Camtasia –  Camtasia is a video tutorial making software that allows you to record what you are watching on your screen. It records the screen as well as provides editing tools. You can download it free and use it for 30 days without paying any penny. So if you are looking for a screen recorder, Camtasia is a perfect software for you.

Snagit –  Snagit is a screen capturing software with a lot of excellent tools. It not only captures screen but also allows the users to edit and share the file. It has features like panoramic scrolling capture, GIF making, image effects, border adding, and many more. It is ideal for video tutorial making. Snagit has achieved popularity because of its flexibility and powerful features.

Ubersuggest –  Ubersuggest is a popular free SEO tool for website auditing. It helps in keyword researching and competitor analysis. Besides, it gives you unique ideas for content. The software will help you whether you are a freelancer or web designer. Though Ubersuggest is free, it does not prove to be less powerful than any paid one.

Small Seo Tools –  Small SEO tools is online software that provides maximum useful features for SEO works. It allows you to checks grammar, plagiarism, screen resolution, keyword research, article rewrite tool, and many other tools. It is free yet provides all the necessary tools for content checking.

Pixie – Pixie is a creative color picker software for web designers. It allows the users to find the formats of the color in HSV, HTML, RGB, etc. It is user friendly and pretty easy to download. Pixie will come to handy when you are designing a website or a logo.

Lightshot –  Lightshot is a program for capturing the screen. Here, you can take the screenshot of the entire screen as well as a specific portion. You can also edit the screenshots, save them and send them on different platforms like email or social media. Lightshot is free and available for Windows and macOS both.

Google Adwords – Google AdWords is a program for keyword planning, google advertisement, etc. it gives you a quick result and a lot of marking strategy ideas to boost your business. You can consider starting your business mingling with Google Adwords and you can cancel the deal anytime. In a word, it gives you a full package on marketing which is not so expensive yet.

Blender – Blender is open-source software for designing 3Dcharacters and animation. It is great for beginners as it has lots of features available in its free version. You can make architectural designs, animation, VFX, and small games. Even if you know nothing about design, you can use Blender to learn by yourself while using it.

Maya –  Maya is a popular 3D rendering software for modeling, animation, and shading. You can make 3D models much easier with several cool features provided by it. It also allows you to edit your animation. Besides, Maya helps you in motion graphics and virtual reality. A free trial option is available to give it a try.

Google Web Designer – Google web designer is a design tool for creating ad banner, display ad, HTML5 designs, etc. It is a GUI based tool where you can design as per your choice. It is popular for its simple layout, 3d authoring, HTML conversion, animation modes and many more to explore. Google web designer is beginner-friendly and free of cost.

3D Max – 3D max is a design software to make 3D rendering and animation. It is suitable for both professional and individual use. You can use it for game developing, product prototyping, and making animations. There are huge numbers of templates and 3D contents available. Some of the main features include character animation and rigging, scene converter, texture editing, 3D modeling, and effects, etc. You can start working with 3D max using the free version.

Grammarly –  Grammarly is a popular software for checking grammar and plagiarism. It is helpful for everyone- from student to businessman. You can use it to correct your grammar, punctuation, word choice, and many more. It will help you to bring clarity in writing. Though Grammarly has reserved many features for the paid version, yet there is a free version of what is pretty helpful for all.

Ginger –  Ginger is an outstanding tool for checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation. After enabling, it automatically detects and corrects the mistakes in your writing. Day by day, it helps to improve your writing quality and brings clarity in the writing. The free version of Ginger performs on the basic level where the paid one helps a bit much.

Hemingway –  Hemingway is a writing and editing tool for content readability checking. It checks grammatical errors, structural mistakes, spelling with a lot of features. You can switch between writing and editing features according to your need. Hemingway has a free version as well as an inexpensive paid version.

Compressor.io – Compressor.io is a popular online tool that decreases the image while maintaining image quality. It is useful for making a big size image small in size. It supports four types of file namely JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG. There are two types of compression available. You can use Compressor.io free.

Keywordtool.io  – Keywordtool.io is a simple SEO tool for keyword research. It relies on Google’s autocomplete feature. It is time-saving as it gives you a quick result with numerous keyword suggestions. Keywordtool.io also analyzes competitors. You can download the free version for trial as well as the basic needs. 

Keyword everywhere –  The keyword everywhere is a powerful and free extension that works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension. It shows search volumes, CPC, and competition level. It works with 16 different search engines. Keyword everywhere is a must-have tool for SEO workers for its amazing feature and accuracy.

XMPP – The Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open protocol for presence detection and instant messaging. It is extendible, adaptable, and designed for a single user to connect with multiple devices. It is also great for cloud computing. So, if you want to make your computer localhost, you can give XMPP a try.

Wamp –  Wamp is a local host software that may help you to build and run your local website. It is a free windows based software package for Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is light and easy to use for beginners. Creating a database and tables is very convenient with WAMP.

VPN –  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows a user to browse the internet anonymously. You can keep your information private by a VPN. It hides your IP address and creates a private tunnel towards the internet. It makes your data an unreadable code so, it’s impossible to get exposed. There are many types of VPN services. You can choose any of it if you want to hide your identity while surfing on the internet.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Microsoft software is probably the most used software for making presentation slides. It has many readymade templates for helping you in making a slide presentation. You can add pictures, graphs, sounds, and videos as per your requirement. It is easy to make a colorful, attractive, and professional standard presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel is a commonly used software that you can use to organize, format, and calculate data with a spreadsheet system. It is important for both business and daily life. Being an expert in excel is considered a skill. You can do calculating, charting, accounting, making schedules, task list, checklist, and many more with excel.

KMPlayer – KM player which stands for K-multimedia player is a media player for Windows operating system. It can play a wide range of videos like DVD, VCD, AVI, 3GP, real media, etc. It allows you to take screenshots and capture audio as well as video. KM player also provides subtitle settings, customizable list, timer, equalizer, network plat and so many cool tools to enhance your entertainment experience.

VLC– VLC is a commonly used open-source media player. It is highly customizable and provides almost every feature you may need. It supports all types of formats as well as downloading one. You can open a zip file without even unpacking each file. The best part about VLC is, it can play a very old video and audio format that you may find impossible for other media players.

Microsoft Word –  Microsoft Word does not need anything new to introduce. It is the most used software for students as well as professionals. You can write anything and add pictures, charts, tables, etc in it. You can choose your favorite fonts and colors too. The more you will use Word, the more you will be an expert in beautifying your writings.

NetBeans IDE –  NetBeans IDE is an opensource software that helps users to do coding for application developing, debugging, and refactoring. It provides project management, multiple language, and code editing features. It is useful for students to learn Java and code development. It has a free version to try for the first time. NetBeans is available for windows and Linux.

IDM – Internet Download Manager is a lifesaver when you want to download anything freely. It downloads audio, video, software, pictures, etc. It is faster than any browser download option. It allows you to pause and resume a downloading file. IDM has a built-in anti-virus checker that is why it is quite safe to use. It automatically fetches the download links and your desired file is just one click away.

So, this is the list of useful software that you may need in your daily life. I’m sure you already have many of them. If not, what are you waiting for?