Paraphrase of Of Marriage and Single Life

Paraphrase of Of Marriage and Single Life

If someone has a wife and children, they have given something valuable to their future. Having a family can be a hindrance to pursuing big goals, whether they are good or bad. The best and most significant contributions to society often come from people who are not married and don’t have children. These individuals have both the affection and resources to support and benefit the public. However, it is also important for those who have children to take great care of the future because they know they must pass on their most cherished possessions to the next generation.

Some people who lead a single life only care about themselves and do not consider the future. Others see their family as merely expenses. There are even some wealthy and greedy individuals who take pride in not having children because they think it makes them appear wealthier. But the most common reason for staying single is the desire for freedom, especially among people with self-indulgent and capricious personalities who find any form of restriction suffocating.

Unmarried individuals can make excellent friends, employers, and employees, but they may not always be the most loyal citizens as they are more likely to run away when faced with difficulties. A single life suits clergy members well because they can focus more on their charitable work without the responsibilities of a family. It is also suitable for judges and magistrates, as long as they are not easily influenced and corrupt because a corrupt judge is worse than a bad wife.

For soldiers, their leaders often remind them of their wives and children as a motivating factor. The absence of marriage among the Turks might contribute to a lower sense of duty among common soldiers. Having a family can teach a person to be more humane, but single individuals, although they may be more charitable due to their limited means, can also be harsh and unfeeling, particularly if they become inquisitors.

Generally, men with serious and steady personalities are loving husbands, while chaste women can be proud and stubborn, relying on their virtue for self-importance. It is important for a wife to think highly of her husband’s wisdom, as it fosters loyalty and obedience. Young men might have affairs and mistresses, middle-aged men seek companionship in their wives, and elderly men find them as caregivers. There is no fixed time for marriage, as it depends on the individual’s circumstances and wisdom. Bad husbands may have good wives, either because it enhances the value of their kindness when they show it or because the wives take pride in their patience. However, this is true only if the wives willingly chose their husbands against the advice of their friends, as they feel responsible for their own choices.