Suggestion of 17th and 18th Century Non Fictional Prose

non fiction prose 2020

For 3rd Final Year Exam- 2020

  1. Bacon’s essays never fail to attract readers- Discuss.
  2. Discuss Bacon’s prose style.
  3. Discuss Bacon as a philosopher/practical wisdom
  4. Discuss Addison as the pioneer of the English novel.
  5. Depict the 18th Century social pictures based on the ‘Coverley Papers’.
  6. Examine Addison as a social satirist.
  7. Discuss Dr. Johnson’s account of metaphysical poetry in The Life of Crowley.
  8. Discuss Johnson’s art of writing criticism and biography.
  9. Discuss ‘The Life of Crowley’ as a literary Criticism.
  10. Evaluate India Company based on Burke’s ‘Speech on the East India Bill’?
  11. Discuss Burke’s prose style.
  12. Write on Burke’s oratory skills.


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