Suggestion of American Literature: Fiction and Drama

For 2020 Discuss how is Young Goodman Brown tempted to sin by curiosity. What allegorical elements do you find in Young Goodman Brown? Consider Yank as a tragic character in The Hairy Ape. Discuss The Hairy Ape as a modern tragedy. Discuss the class conflict in The Hairy Ape/ human regression by industrialization. Discuss The […]

Suggestion of Classics in Translations

For 2020 Discuss the Epic elements in The Iliad. Compare and contrast the character of Achilles and Hector. Discuss the character of Clytemnestra. Discuss the elements of dramatic irony in Agamemnon. Discuss Agamemnon as a tragic hero. Discuss Medea as a tragic heroine. Discuss the role of the chorus in Medea. Discuss Medea as a […]

Suggestion of Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching

For 2020 Discuss the five hypotheses of Krashen’s Monitor Model. Discuss the main techniques related to the GTM. Discuss the historical overview of Language Teaching Methodology. Discuss the features, techniques, advantages, and limitations of the Direct Method. Discuss the aims, principles, advantages, and limitations of the Audio- Language Method. Discuss the characteristics and principles of […]

Suggestion of Continental Literature

For 2020 Discuss Metamorphosis as a cynical story. Discuss the theme of alienation in Metamorphosis. Consider Meursault as an existential hero. Show how Camus synthesizes will, morality, and freedom in the character of the hero The Stranger. Discuss Camus’ treatment of alienation in The Outsider. Discuss Meursault’s view of society. In Brecht’s play, the life […]

Suggestion of American Poetry

For 2020 Exam Discuss the major themes of Emily Dickinson’s poems. Discuss the mysticism in Dickinson’s poems. Discuss Dickinson’s poetic diction. Discuss the elegiac elements in ‘When Lilacs….Bloomed’. Discuss Whitman’s treatment of soul, self, and body based on ‘Song of Myself’. Discuss Robert Frost as a Modern Poet. Discuss the theme of alienation in Frost’s […]

Suggestion of Restoration and 18th Century Fiction

For 3rd Year 2020 Discuss the theme of anti-colonialism in Oroonoko. Discuss the character of Imoinda. Discuss the theme of sin, punishment, and repentance in Robinson Crusoe. Discuss the spiritual regeneration of Robinson Crusoe. Discuss the theme of Commerce in Robinson Crusoe. Discuss Henry Fielding’s art of characterization. Discuss the contemporary society depicted in Tom […]

Suggestion of 20th Century Novel

For 4th year 2020 Justify the title of the novel Heart of Darkness. Comment on the theme of imperialism in Heart of Darkness. Comment on the treatment of Evil in the Heart of Darkness. Discuss the significance of Marabar caves in A Passage to India. Discuss the use of symbols in A Passage to India. […]

Suggestion of the 20th Century Poetry

For 4th year 2020 Discuss W. B. Yeat’s treatment of history and myth. Discuss the symbols used by Yeats in his poems. How Eliot brings forth the decay and disorder of the modern civilization in his The Waste Land. Comment on the use of symbols in The Waste Land. Write the critical appreciation of the […]

Suggestion of 4th Year Modern Drama

For 2020 Discuss The Importance of Being Earnest is a social satire. Discuss the wit and humor in The Importance of Being Earnest. Discuss the treatment of love and marriage in The Importance of Being Earnest. Discuss the sense of nothingness from Waiting for Godot. Comment on the Religious significance in Waiting for Godot. Discuss […]