Suggestion of Classics in Translations

For 2020

  1. Discuss the Epic elements in The Iliad.
  2. Compare and contrast the character of Achilles and Hector.
  3. Discuss the character of Clytemnestra.
  4. Discuss the elements of dramatic irony in Agamemnon.
  5. Discuss Agamemnon as a tragic hero.
  6. Discuss Medea as a tragic heroine.
  7. Discuss the role of the chorus in Medea.
  8. Discuss Medea as a revenge tragedy.
  9. Aristophanes criticizes the intellectuals of his age in The Frogs-discuss.
  10. Discuss the features of old comedy in The Frogs.
  11. Discuss Phaedra as a revenge tragedy.
  12. Discuss the role of the chorus in Phaedra.
  13. Discuss Phaedra as a tragedy of unrequited love.