Suggestion of American Literature: Fiction and Drama

For 2020

  1. Discuss how is Young Goodman Brown tempted to sin by curiosity.
  2. What allegorical elements do you find in Young Goodman Brown?
  3. Consider Yank as a tragic character in The Hairy Ape.
  4. Discuss The Hairy Ape as a modern tragedy.
  5. Discuss the class conflict in The Hairy Ape/ human regression by industrialization.
  6. Discuss The Sun Also Rises as a fictional chronicle of a lost generation.
  7. Discuss Hemingway’s treatment of religion in The Sun Also Rises.
  8. What is the significance of bullfighting and bullfighters in The Sun Also Rises?
  9. Justify the title of the novel Seize The Day.
  10. Discuss Tommy Wilhelm as the hero of the novel Seize The Day.
  11. Toni Morrison’s Beloved portrays an institutionalized dehumanization of the slave.
  12. Discuss the treatment of supernatural elements in Beloved