Suggestion of Literary Criticism for 4th Year

4th Final Exam- 2020 Discuss Arnold’s views on the features of good poetry What is the touchstone method? discuss its merits & demerits Discuss Mathew Arnold as a Critic Why does Eliot praise Donne’s capability to unify the intellectual thoughts and sensation of feelings? How does Eliot refute Johnson’s remark on the metaphysical poets? Discuss […]

Suggestion of 19th Century Novel

For 4th Final Exam- 2020 Discuss the theme of love and marriage from Pride and Prejudice. Discuss the use of irony found in Pride and Prejudice. Discuss Dickenson’s attitude towards French Revolution. Discuss the theme of resurrection found in A Tale of Two Cities. Discuss Jane Eyre as an anti-romantic novel. Discuss autobiographical elements from […]

Suggestion of Literary Criticism

Third Year 2020 Part-C How does Aristotle glorify tragedy over epic poetry? Discuss Aristotle’s concept of Imitation Discuss Aristotle’s concept of Three Unities. Discuss the qualities and functions of the poet as stated by Sidney How Sidney gives superiority to Poetry over history? Discuss Sidney’s objection to the contemporary English Drama How Johnson defends Shakespeare’s […]

Suggestion of Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama

3rd Year Final Exam 2020 Part – C Discuss Doctor Faustus as a tragic hero. Discuss the Renaissance spirit in Dr. Faustus. Discuss the comic scenes in Doctor Faustus? Discuss Macbeth as a tragic hero. How do Witches influence Macbeth’s decision and action? Discuss supernatural elements in Macbeth. Discuss the role of Portia in The […]

Suggestion of Romantic Poetry

For the 2nd Year Final Exam- 2020 Part-C Comment on Blake’s treatment of childhood with reference to his poems. Write an essay/note on Blake’s symbolism. What are the three stages of growth that Wordsworth refers to in “Tintern Abbey”? Comment on the treatment of nature in Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”. Discuss the theme of loss and […]

Suggestion of 17th and 18th Century Non Fictional Prose

For 3rd Final Year Exam- 2020 Bacon’s essays never fail to attract readers- Discuss. Discuss Bacon’s prose style. Discuss Bacon as a philosopher/practical wisdom Discuss Addison as the pioneer of the English novel. Depict the 18th Century social pictures based on the ‘Coverley Papers’. Examine Addison as a social satirist. Discuss Dr. Johnson’s account of […]

Suggestion of Victorian Poetry for 3rd Year

Final Exam – 2020 Part- C Find out the Pictorial Qualities in Tennyson’s poetry How does Tennyson handle myth and legend? Discuss Browning’s Philosophy of life Discuss Robert Browning’s attitude to art and life Write a critical appreciation of Dover Beach Comment on Arnold’s treatment of nature. Comment on Arnold’s personal/sad elements in his poems. […]

Suggestion of Linguistics for Third Year Final Exam

2020 Examination Part- C What is language? What are the major characteristics of language? To what extent can Linguistics be considered as a science? Show different stages of child language development. How is the spoken language differs from written language? Discuss the relationship between language and culture. Discuss Saussure’s concept of language and parole. Who […]

Suggestion of Poetry for First Year Final Exam

Question of 2020 Final Exam, Exam held in 2021, 21 Nov Part-C, For- 2020 How does Shakespeare immortalize/glorify his friend in his “Sonnet- 18”? Comment on Wordsworth’s treatment of nature in “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”. Explain the central idea of Milton’s sonnet “On His Blindness”. Describe the Victorian Spirit/features as reflected in the […]