Suggestion of Linguistics for Third Year Final Exam

2020 Examination

Part- C

  1. What is language? What are the major characteristics of language?
  2. To what extent can Linguistics be considered as a science?
  3. Show different stages of child language development.
  4. How is the spoken language differs from written language?
  5. Discuss the relationship between language and culture.
  6. Discuss Saussure’s concept of language and parole.
  7. Who is Chomsky? Describe his contribution to Linguistics. Explain the nativist theory.
  8. What is semantics? Provide an analysis of major lexical relations?
  9. What is Assimilation? Describe the different aspects of Assimilation.
  10. Discuss the Monitor Model Theory of Stephen Krashen?
  11. Classify English Phonemes according to their place of articulation.
  12. What is the cooperative principle? Discuss with reference to Grecians maxims
  13. What is morphology? Classify the morphemes in detail.
  14. What is IC analysis? Exemplify IC analysis through a tree diagram
  15. Give an account of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.