Suggestion of Introduction to Drama for Second Year Final Exam

drama suggestion

Introduction to Drama for 2020 Examination

Part – C

  1. Discuss the role of Chorus in King Oedipus.
  2. Consider “Oedipus Rex” as a tragedy of fate?
  3. Bring out the romantic elements in As You Like It.
  4. Depict the character of Celia.
  5. Write on Shakespeare’s wit and humor in As You Like It.
  6. Evaluate “Arms and the Man” as an anti-romantic comedy.
  7. Find out the anti-heroic qualities/character in Bluntschli.
  8. Comment on the bed-chamber scene in “Arms and the Man”.
  9. Evaluate Maurya as a tragic character.
  10. How the “Riders does to the Sea” creates a universal appeal?
  11. Draw the character of Lakunle.
  12. Justify the anti-colonial theme in “The Lion and the Jewel”.
  13. Describe the African social pictures drawn in “The Lion and the Jewel”.

Question of Intoduction to Drama 2019