Suggestion of Restoration and 18th Century Fiction

For 3rd Year 2020

  1. Discuss the theme of anti-colonialism in Oroonoko.
  2. Discuss the character of Imoinda.
  3. Discuss the theme of sin, punishment, and repentance in Robinson Crusoe.
  4. Discuss the spiritual regeneration of Robinson Crusoe.
  5. Discuss the theme of Commerce in Robinson Crusoe.
  6. Discuss Henry Fielding’s art of characterization.
  7. Discuss the contemporary society depicted in Tom Jones.
  8. Discuss how Swift satellite science in Gulliver’s Travels.
  9. Discuss and compare the king of Lilliput and the king of Brobdingnag.
  10. Discuss Swift’s use of Lemuel Gulliver as a narrator and an observer