Suggestion of American Poetry

For 2020 Exam

  1. Discuss the major themes of Emily Dickinson’s poems.
  2. Discuss the mysticism in Dickinson’s poems.
  3. Discuss Dickinson’s poetic diction.
  4. Discuss the elegiac elements in ‘When Lilacs….Bloomed’.
  5. Discuss Whitman’s treatment of soul, self, and body based on ‘Song of Myself’.
  6. Discuss Robert Frost as a Modern Poet.
  7. Discuss the theme of alienation in Frost’s poems.
  8. Discuss Frost as a Nature poet.
  9. Discuss the anti-racial elements in Hughes’ poetry.
  10. Discuss the dark side of American society in Hughes’ time.
  11. Discuss Hughes’ liberal attitude towards America.