Suggestion of Poetry for First Year Final Exam

Part-C, For- 2020

  1. How does Shakespeare immortalize/glorify his friend in his “Sonnet- 18”?
  2. Comment on Wordsworth’s treatment of nature in “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”.
  3. Explain the central idea of Milton’s sonnet “On His Blindness”.
  4. Describe the Victorian Spirit/features as reflected in the poem ‘Ulysses’.
  5. Comment on the treatment of childhood/imagery in “Fern Hill”.
  6. Elucidate the poet’s grief in the poem “Learning Grief”.
  7. Describe the metaphysical elements in the poem “The Good Morrow”.
  8. Comment in the imagery/sensuous elements used in “To Autumn”.
  9. Comment on Shelley’s optimism/imagery in “Ode to the west wind”.
  10. Comment on the imagery used in “How Do I Love Thee”.
  11. Write Critical appreciation of “To Daffodils”.
  12. Comment on the treatment of death in ‘Because I could Not Stop for Death’.
  13. Write an essay in the personal elements in Yeats’ ‘A prayer for my Daughter’.
  14. Pike is an indication of human violence/horror themes- discuss.
  15. Discuss “The Patriot” as a dramatic Monologue by Browning.