Templates of Writing Answer of any Question

Formats of writing question

While creating a hand note, your brain may get stuck and you may not understand what will be the structure of the note.

If you follow the formats or templates described below, hope you will be benefited.

Character- character of lady Macbeth

History of English literature- intro+features of age + description

Movment- what+ features+writers+writings

Definition + feature + justification – what is metaphysical poetry? Justify good morrow is a mta. Poem.

Contribution- write about the writer and describe his new opinion, features, and famous writing

Criticism- focus on the writer’s doctrine step by step

Critical appreciation- theme+summary+images/imagery/symbols+setting+tone+figures of speech,/ rhyme scheme

Pragmatism- the useful things in daily life up-to-date in the particular writing

Prose style- short/long sentences, use of words, usefulness, pragmatic, aphoristic, terse

Role of somebody- make points

Glory/Treatment of love/nature/childhood- what elements the writer has described

To know details with description, watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1hbOA93o6Q