Windy Troy

According to Greek Mythology, the war happened to the Greek and Trojan sides involving gods and goddesses is known as windy troy. The reason for this war was Paris of troy abducted Helen, wife of Menelaus who is the king of Sparta and brought her to troy city. To rescue Helen and Greek prestige, the Greek sides invaded Troy and finally, won the war and ruined the city of Troy.

Tennyson alludes to ‘windy troy’ in “Ulysses”. Here Ulysses remembers his past experience of the Trojan War. He was one of the Greek Heroes who fought ten years against the Trojan to recover Helen and national honor. He had to fight against the gods and goddesses another ten years. When he returned home after twenty years, he became old. But now he does not like peace and comfortable family life. He plans to go out in search of adventure. He wants to explore the yet unexplored area of human knowledge.

Ulysses refers to the windy troy as proof of his power. He tells his mariners that the man who could fight in such a terrible troy and win, he has the ability to set up a new adventure to search for the newer horizon and newer knowledge.