Best 20 zombie games for mobile

20 best zombie games

We all love mobile games sometimes even more than pc games. Isn’t it? These are easy to play and available anytime and anywhere. When these are zombie games, the combination is perfect for our leisure.

 In case you love zombie mobile games and want to have a recommendation, I am here to help. Check out the list of the best 20 Zombie games for mobile.

Zombie Movies:

Zombie Frontier 3 :  Sniper FPS

Zombie Frontier 3 is an FPS fighting action and army game that leads you in an online war with walking zombies. After the invention of a vaccine, accidentally a virus is developed that can turn a human into a zombie.

 Now you have to be involved as a zombie killer sniper if you wish to survive. You will have the best guns and rifles like MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN Scar, powerful bombs, and grenades to fight in the front line. War strategy, fighting plan, and accurate aim will help you win against the undead zombies.

 The game provides excellent 3D graphics and good control over the action. It is addictive, challenging, and adventurous to play.


  • You can upgrade your weapons
  • There are many special events to participate
  • Excellent Gameplay mode
  • Eye-catching 3D graphics
  • Cool background sound.


Dead Trigger 2: 

Dead Trigger 2 is an FPS shooting game with stunning graphics and a much horrible visual effect. If you like bloodstained faced zombies, here you go.

You are one of the brave fighters who are still trying to save humankind from a zombie apocalypse. Here you will have to build your hideout and visit scientist, doctor, a smuggler who can help you with further skills and weapons. You can have more than 70 types of weapons like katana, chainsaw, swords, pistols, rifles, miniguns, etc to kill the zombies. There are 10s of different regions you can unlock to play.

The game has an interesting storyline that will keep you engaged. Overall, the game is fun and addictive.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Gives tons of rewards
  • Modern weapons and gadgets,
  • Unlimited missions to set for
  •  High quality animation.


Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last day on earth: survival is a third-person MMORP game that sets you in a world of zombies for survival. It is an online game yet you can check other players’ progress and challenge them.

It is the post-apocalyptic world of 2027, where the world has already seen an outbreak of a deadly virus that threatened the human race. But some survivors are still fighting for their lives. Yes, you are one of them. You have to look after your character. You have to collect resources for living and kill zombies whenever you can.

The game has great graphics and superb gameplay. It is challenging as well as fun.


  • Lots of modern weapons
  • Realistic graphics
  • Character customization
  • open world game
  • online location for special costume
  • Tournaments and rewards.


Samurai vs. Zombies Defense:

Samurai vs. Zombies Defense is an action game where you will play as a Samurai to defend your village people against zombies. You have to recruit allies and build a strong defense to beat them. You can have help from farmers, warriors, and archers. There are weapons, magic, and many more items that you can use for the battle.

 The game is easy to play and full of entertainment. Some levels may seem difficult but you can do it.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Available for playing offline
  • Zombie side can be chosen
  • Chat room is available
  • Pachinko mode for earning rare items.


Bloody Harry:

Bloody Harry is a different zombie game for mobile. Here, you will join “Bloody Harry” for a cook’s hunt for vegetable-zombies. Sounds interesting?

You will shoot the zombies and earn coins. There are many weapons that you can use to shoot and smash zombies. When you are doing great, the cook will not forget to cheer for you.

The game is super exciting as well as challenging. So it is easy to play but hard to master.


  • 15 different types of weapons
  • Awesome background music and graphics
  • Nice control over the game
  • Missions to participate and rewards
  • Does not take much space in the phone.


Zombie Killer: survival

The game Zombie killer takes you in the time of zombie apocalypse that has happened because of a virus. Now it is time to fight against them to save humankind.

You are both a survivor and a zombie killer.  You have to shoot them and pass the challenging levels. You can enhance your skill as well as weapons as you progress. There are many quests and tournaments where you can participate and earn rewards.

The game is addictive and fun. It gives you the thrill of a perfect horror game.


  • Good control
  • Awesome graphics
  • Varieties weapons
  • Numerous challenging levels.
  • Lots of rewards and rare items.


Plant vs. Zombies

I’m sure you have already heard about the popular game Plant vs. Zombies. The zombies want to invade your home so you must fight against them.

You have to grow a bunch of power plants to attack the zombies. There are 49 zombie-zapping plants like peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs many more to fight against 26 types of zombies. You must use strategy to protect your home because all zombies have their special skills.

Overall, the game is addictive and challenging. You can play the game very easily on your phone.


  • 50 levels to conquer
  • Rare items to buy
  • Professional quality graphics with sound
  • Different weapons to fight with
  • Good control on the game play.


Zombie Tsunami:

Zombie tsunami is an arcade game where you will attack the city with zombies and make your horde bigger by turning people into zombies. 

You need not have mercy while destroying the city. Eat everything that comes before you. There are more than 300 missions you can devour. Also, you will receive a handful of rewards after completing the mission.

The game is easy to play and addictive. I cannot help mentioning that it has no violence and bad language making it suitable for even children.


  • One-touch control game play
  • Optimized for all android versions
  • 11 different levels
  • Weapons and powers as ninjas, dragons any many more
  • Stunning visual and audio quality.


Zombie Hunter Sniper: Last Apocalypse Shooter

Zombie Hunter Sniper is an FPS shooting game with horror experience in an apocalyptic environment. The zombies are walking everywhere and you are a survivor of the pandemic. The only thing that is left for you is to shoot them to survive.

You are an elite marksman sniper so you have experience in shooting. Now, you have to use your skills as well as a strategy against the zombies.

Play this extremely challenging and fun game if you like shooting games. Entertainment is guaranteed.


  • Available for playing offline
  • Versatile weapons with upgrade feature
  • 3D graphics
  • Several missions and survival campaigns to go
  • Different levels with different types of zombies.


Mad Zombies

Mad Zombies is a shooting game where you will feel the adventures of a zombie killer. You are there as a protector of the survivors who are currently under the attack of mad zombies. The zombies are everywhere in the town, getting more dangerous and trying to take control of everything. 

You will target the zombies whether they are running or walking. The zombies here are not brainless. They know how to fight. So you have to be careful and skilled while shooting them. Some zombies are not easy to destroy. 

In a word, the game throws a challenge as well as provides the fun. It is an offline game so, you don’t need to be worried about the internet.  


  • offline game for playing without internet
  • good control over the game
  • 3D graphics and excellent sound quality
  • Different missions and rewards
  • A lot of weapons to use.



Unkilled is an award-winning FPS action game with fantastic gameplay and thrilling story.

You have to choose a character to join in the Wolfpack, an elite team sworn to protect the New York City from a zombie apocalypse. The team will also find out the secret behind the catastrophe.

There are over 150 missions to fight against zombies like SHERIFF, DODGER, MINESWEEPER, BUTCHER, etc. you will have the latest weapons and arms in five classes like an LSAT machine gun, SAIGA-12K shotgun, and  M24 sniper rifle. You can design your character and guns with the desired skills and load-outs.

Unkilled is adventurous and addictive. Try it out, you will not feel bored.


  • Realistic environment
  • Latest design weapons
  • Challenge friends online
  • Realistic visual effects and sound
  • Unique character development.


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

 The Walking Dead Road to Survival is an RPG game that comes from the famous The Walking Dead comic series by Robert Kirkman. You have to build your team to go into a battle against the walking dead. 

You need to make a battle strategy to attack their weak points and build your safe town to stuck them at the bay. Your decisions will lead you to what will happen next. So, be careful everywhere.

Needless  to say about its excellence in giving thrill as well as fun. It is simple yet addictive.


  • Different characters with different skills
  • Lots to mission
  • Designed like the comic
  • Latest graphics that gives realistic visual effects
  • Best quality weapons


Zombie Smasher

Your home is under the attack of zombies who are trying to invade the whole town and you must protest against them. You should not allow them to use their brain because that is a threat. You have to smash them before they can do any destruction.

There are seven different types of zombie breeds like normal, dog, oil worker, timberman, ghost, baby, and fat boss.  There are two different modes as well like the survival mode and the time mode. You can use special power-ups too.

Zombie Smasher is entertaining, relaxing, and challenging. There is no room to feel monotony.


  • Different types of zombies
  • Two different modes
  • Special powers to fight against zombies
  • Easy game play and control
  • Best quality graphics and audio


Dead Venture: Zombie Survival

Dead Venture is an action driver game where you are the only one who can protect the world from the hordes of undead zombies. The world is attacked with zombie injection and as a result the human being is about to be wiped out.

You have to smash the zombies with your car and kill them with gun. There are some boss zombies who are difficult to get a grasp on. You can help the other survivors too.

Overall, the game is a great time killer and addictive. It has got a pretty easy gameplay what makes the game convenient to play longer.


  • Great story line with 8 chapters
  • Time trial mode and survival mode
  • Awesome graphics and audio
  • Upgrade of cars and guns
  • Lots of rewards and rare items.


Kill Shot Virus

Kill Shot Virus is an online multiplayer shooter game.  The deads are everywhere and killing all the living. You are there to protect the survivors and eliminate the undead monsters.

There are hundreds to missions to stop the spread of the virus. You will have an opportunity to choose your favorite weapons from a huge collection of rifle guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and machine guns. Well, there are different types of zombies too who will challenge your skill and power every time they can manage. You can compete with other clans to prove your strength and strategy.

Kill Shot Virus is super fun and relaxing to play. It has got easy control and great gameplay.


  • Lots of missions and arena
  • Numerous weapons with latest features
  • Chat sections to connect with other friends
  • Internal gaming activities to unlock
  • Brilliant graphics and background sound


Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catcher is a zombie hunting game where you will hunt them and build your food business empire. The world is attacked by millions of zombies and two businessmen decide to help mankind by catching all the zombies. It will give them a handsome profit as well.

Your job is to hunt the zombies with your harpoon gun and sneaky traps. You can make juices, candies, and other foods from the zombies to feed your customers. Your business will grow bigger as much as you catch them. You will dispatch your armies worldwide to hunt more.

The game is addictive and quite interesting to play. It has got a unique storyline and good gameplay.


  • Cooking foods for people
  • New locations to live
  • Gadgets and weapons to unlock
  • Stunning visual and audio
  • Can be played offline.


Zombie Roadkill 3D

Zombie Roadkill 3D is a zombie game that combines both shooting and driving. So if you like shooting as much as driving in a game, this is the one for you.

Your hometown is longer a safe place as it is now overrun by thousands of zombies. Now you have to drive your way though the zombies to save yourself as well as your town. You will have machine guns and RPGs to shoot them for the safety. There are ten types of different weapons and five vesicles for your service. You can switch between story mode and Endless mode where you have to fight against seven different types of zombies.

With good control and nice gameplay, the game does provide amazing experience of mobile gaming. You can give it a try.


  •  Best quality weapons
  • Different vehicles to use
  • Different modes to switch
  • Available for offline
  • Realistic visual effects


Dead Effect:

Dead Effect is SCI-FI single player zombie game. Here, you are a member of an elite force called Unit 13. You have to shoot the zombies who have made the space colder and full of terrors.

You will have many weapons to fight against them. Your armory can be upgraded with a lot of new weapons and money that you will achieve from the campaign. The zombies look horrible and scary enough to chill your bone. But you are strong and sworn to destroy them.

You will be amazed at the 3D graphics and the good control over the game. The story line is also exciting and horrific.


  • excellent graphics makes the environment realistic
  • 5 hours of story game play
  • Special power and ability to tackle the stubborn
  • Good control over the game
  • Available for offline


Zombie Hunter King:

Zombie Hunter King is a simple action game where you are to hunt zombies. There are various weapons like pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenades, and snipers that you can use to shoot those monsters. You can choose your favorite one to be the best among all the hunters.

The zombies are not so easy to hunt as they are of different types as boss zombies and action zombies. So, you have to discover the perfect weapon to kill them. Sometimes, it is challenging but let’s admit we all love challenges while playing a game.

The game is pretty easy to play once you get to know the uses of weapons. It gives a fantastic experience of gaming minimalistic features.


  • Brilliant visual graphics and sound
  • Special ability cards
  • Lots of missions and levels
  • Good control and gameplay
  • Available for offline


Left to Survive

As the name suggests, it’s the last day of the earth where you are left to survive. The deadly virus has been a threat to the human race.  They are enslaving humans in the post-apocalyptic world. Now, the only way to stop them is by killing them as much as possible.

You have the responsibility of saving mankind. So, you have to start your campaign following the storyline. Also, you have to build a base where the survivors can be safe. You will have the best weapons like sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, etc to fight against those deadly creatures.

The game is horrific yet exciting and adventurous. Try once there is no way of getting bored.


  • Lots of tournaments
  • Realistic visual effects and sounds
  • Variety of weapons
  • Easy to play
  • Events on various occasion


Now, choose your favorite one and start playing. Good luck!