Top 15 best gyms for women fitness in Miami, USA

best gyms for women fitness in miami

Are you looking for a list of women gym in Miami? Not all gyms work for woman solely though there are a good number of quality gyms that has special facilities for the woman. Let’s be honest that gyms are boring. But some gyms have come with unique ideas and facilities to lead you towards your fitness goal and a healthy lifestyle.

Here, check out the list of the best 15 gyms for women in Miami. I have included some of their key facilities. For more information, check out the website links.

1. Barry’s 

Barry’s deserves to be the number 1 in the list of women gym because of its numerous facilities that help in reaching the fitness goal and improving overall health. It is genuinely a game-changer in the world of women’s health care.

barry's gym for women health
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Specially designed playlist to boost up the energy level and mood
  • Sustainable muscle building training 
  • Full body exercise, arms, and abs, chest and back exercises are nicely scheduled on different days 
  • Ensure to increase the metabolic rate of 15%
  • Special care for the new members- instructor to monitor more intensively and design your workout plan 
  • Red light workout facility to ensure more stamina and more energetic performance. 

1835 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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2. Vixen workout  

Vixen Workout fully disapproves the idea “gym is boring”. If you don’t like the old school gyms, this is the one for you. It is a dance fitness brand focusing on the physical and mental wellness of a woman. It is a total package of woman’s healthcare.

  • A workout designed in a dance format
  • Targets specific fitness goals
  • Flexibility improvement
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance
  • Works for mental health improvement
  • Helps in creating a mind-body connection
  • Well-trained instructors
  • Special care for the newcomers 


547 NW 28 street, Miami, FL 33127

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3. Anatomy

Anatomy is a healthcare center that has the collaboration of fitness, sports science, and nightlife veterans. They will offer you holistic healthcare in all aspects of life. Here, you will sweat, enhance, and recover from within sustainably. Besides, it works as a woman’s health specialist. 

  • Group class for a fitness check
  • Works for enhancing the mental wellness
  • Thermotherapy and cold therapy facility
  • Personal training program to hit the optimum level of fitness
  • Pilates under supervision
  • Mobile vitamin infusion service
  • Takes care of stress management
  • Professional trainers for all kinds of help
  • Special care for woman’s health


1220 20th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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4. Pure Barre

If you’re looking for a gym that will take care of your overall health and make you more focused on fitness, Pure Barre is surely what you need. They will examine your capability then provide you with instructions based on that. They will make your fitness journey much easier and under professional guidance.

  • Low impact high-intensity movements for toning the body 
  • A workout designed for increased flexibility and strength.
  • Effective cardio exercises
  • Specially designed muscle building for woman body
  • Metabolism-boosting workshop
  • Specially designed group class for new members
  • Follows classic exercise patterns for sure-success
  • Highly trained teachers to ensure the best outcome


205 Altara Avenue, Miami FL 33146

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5. Legacy Fit

Legacy Fit aptly claims them more than any gym for its unique services. It has gone beyond the limitation of exercise and gym. They are to give you a new experience in overall health, fitness, and workout. They have already trained thousands of professional athletes. Legacy Fit provides a guideline for a new way of life with fitness and good health.

  • P.I.T Partner Interval Training to increase speed, power, and endurance
  • HIIT for elevating metabolism and burning calories 
  • Increases motivation and accountability to make more focused on the goal
  • Brings variation to beat monotony and boredom
  • Sustainable muscle building and fat burning
  • Arm, back, abs workout specially designed for the woman
  • Takes more care for the new members
  • Qualified trainers for guidelines


77 NE 24th ST, Miami, FL 3313

Phone: (305) 799-085 ||| Website:

6. Soul cycle  

The Soul cycle is to change your workout views. It is not a traditional gym but an indoor cycling center that will work on your body, mind, and soul. Their mission is to bring “Soul” to the people. They have created a unique fitness routine for their riders to change their lives holistically.

  • Specially designed cycles for exercise focusing on different goals
  • Cardio exercises
  • Classrooms decorated as a dance class with lights and music
  • Arms exercise and restorative stretches
  • Hip and chest exercise
  • Core exercises
  • Resistance knob to increase the intensity
  • Group classes where no one is allowed to be inactive
  • Outdoor studio 
  • Professional instructors to inspiring and guidelines.


25 SW 9th Street, Miami, FL 33131

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7. ERA Fit

Era fit is a personal gym training center in Miami. They support and guide you in the way of fitness goal. It is tailor-made to your journey with customized plans and instructions. A personal trainer can effectively change your body fitness and strength that is no less than any traditional gym. 

  • Nutrition guide
  • Customized training plan based on current body type and strength level
  • Stretching workout 
  • Customized supplementations 
  • Cares the desired goal and target
  • Highly trained personal trainers supervise and guide towards the goal
  • Suitable for all age groups and gender. 
  • Highly trained instructors


51 North East, 24 Street, Miami FL 33137

Contact: (630) 865-5772 ||| Website:

8. DoortoDoor Fitness

DoortoDoor Fitness is an ACE certified mobile gym center. They will not let you make any excuse to bunk your gym classes. If you join there, the gym van will come to your doorstep maintaining the schedule. It is a complete health care service as nutrition and food habit is also their concern. 

  • Home service available
  • Highly trained personal instructors 
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Strength and resistance training
  • Cardio and aerobic equipment
  • Customized workout plan for the clients
  • High-quality types of equipment to ensure a safe workout 
  • Personal schedule based session
  • Trainers are qualified and experienced


2806 N 46th Avenue
Apt D242
Hollywood Florida 33021

Email: ||| Website:

9. Flex Appeal Miami

Flex Appeal Miami is a fitness training center that welcomes people from all walks of life committed to improve their health and try to take their fitness into the next level. Their instructor team helps a person who wants to lose a few lbs as well as an athlete who works for his competitive goals. They provide special facilities for the woman in their fitness journey and overall health. 

  • Improvement in health, fitness, and physique
  • Customized workout plan for woman, athletes, and normal body
  • Helps to achieve Personal, professional, and competitive goals in the fitness journey
  • Well organized workout station with lots of instruments 
  • Targets the whole body as well as a specific portion as per the preference of the client
  • Special facilities for woman and newcomers
  • Certified instructors for all kinds of supervision


12814 Southwest 122ND Avenue, MIAMI, FL

Email: ||| Website:

10. The Ride Element

Ride Element is an indoor cycling center that works for the holistic goodness to bring into your body and mind. Energy, passion, music and community are the four elements they combine to reach the goal of fitness. They claim to be vibrant as well as supportive to make your journey easier and enjoyable.

  • Efficient calorie burner
  • Muscle tone increasing
  • Low impact activity
  • Cardio vascular health improvement
  • Specially designed cycles for different stages of strength and goal
  • Proper form and technique based special classes for the beginners
  • Reputed instructors to observe and guide


3496 NE 12th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

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11. Element Aqua

How much fun you can imagine in a gym? In Element Aqua, your imagination will stop. It is an indoor fitness training center designed as aquatic training. Water is an ancient healing element and has numerous health benefits. It is a unique idea to combine it with the modern-day gym concept. It takes equal care of body and mind by their unique facilities. 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces joint pain 
  • Works on the cardiovascular system
  • Waist workout
  • Muscle workout
  • Increases endurance and circulation
  • Ensures cleanliness in the pool
  • Experienced trainers and instructors


6200 NE 4th Ct., Miami, FL 33138

Email: ||| Website:

12. Body and Soul

Body and soul is a gym center that takes care of body and soul both. They provide customized fitness training as well as group classes for better motivation and focus. They help you to dive slowly into a healthier active lifestyle and stay focused sustainably.  

  • 55 group fitness class per week
  • Dance, Sculpt, Stretch, Ryde, and many more 
  • A customized program according to the client’s body and fitness type
  • New and updated gym tools like kettlebells, medicine balls, pillboxes, etc. 
  • Expert trainers for group classes 
  • Personal trainer facility available
  • Trains for competitions as well as solely health issue
  • Cross fit training for the woman


3183 SW 38th Ct., Miami, FL 33146

Phone: 305-441-2348 ||| Website

13. Precision personal Training

Precision personal training is a fitness center with experienced and knowledgeable trainers as well as several good facilities. They focus on the client’s requirements and ability first then provide guidelines and workout plans. Working in a friendly environment like Precision Personal Training boosts up motivation and ensures better focus on the goal. 

  • One on one private training
  • Semi-private training for the woman
  • Small group training
  • Fitness facilities for kids
  • Helps to prepare for competition
  • Online workout
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Pilates
  • Pro physical therapy
  • Latest types of equipment and professional trainers


8861 SW 132nd St, Miami, FL 33176



14. Sweat 440

Sweat 440 is a convenient gym and fitness station that is designed to work out within 40 minutes. So you do not need to spend a lot of time on a gym schedule. They are trying to change the way people think about a gym through their unique and innovative conceptions and way of working. 

  • High-intensity interval training
  • Cross-training classes
  • Strength training
  • Fat burning workout
  • Metabolism-boosting
  • Latest types of equipment like rowers, assault bikes, sleds, battle ropes, etc
  • Suitable for beginners as well as athletes
  • Special facilities for beginners 


1916 Bay Rd., Miami Beach FL, 33139

Email: ||| Website:

15. Figurella

Figurella can be said a complete health specialist of women because of its multi-functional facilities. They deal with not only the body but also the nutritional fact of your daily diet. So joining here can change your life holistically.

  • 3o minute workout for fat burning
  • Thermogenic bubble workout
  • Reduces extra inches of body 
  • Oxygen bath for detoxing
  • Nutrition tips 
  • Helps losing weight
  • Maintaining a good figure
  • Guides to a healthier lifestyle
  • body-toning workout
  • Metabolism-boosting
  • Lymphatic treatments
  • Highly professional trainers for all support


1920 Meridian Avenue 2nd Floor, Miami Beach

Email: ||| Website:

However, if you are searching for a suitable gym center for you, just head over these 15 best gyms for women health, and find your one.