Brand Yourself: A Comprehensive Guideline to Personal Branding

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We are talking about branding and so it is crucial to make the thought of branding clearer. Do you know what? No problem, let’s understand.

Branding or personal branding or self-promotion is a thing or service or an idea or theory by which people can identify you. For example, we know Bill Gates by Microsoft or vice-versa. We know Steve Jobs for Bitten Apple. In the same way, we know Jeff Bezos for Amazon, Elon Musk for Tesla or SpaceX, Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook. With their product, they have created personal branding.

To more clarify, branding can be the image, the emotional image, the perceived image, identity, entity by others of a person, character, product, service, organization or abstract entity Social. Any of these can make someone renowned, famous, or even notorious.

Branding can be in two ways- Negatively and Positively. The name of a Dacoit or thief is negatively branded.

What you should consider for personal branding

In this era, you cannot think anything, but science and technology. Everything is moving, more or less, with technologies. From the last decade of the 20th and at the beginning of the 21st century, we are too much with globalization and virtualization. We are mostly dependant on the internet. With the invention of various types of media, people networking to product marketing, everything is centering on the internet. So, considering personal branding, you cannot avoid the virtual world, rather you have to embrace it.

Social Networking Media: When we talk about social media or social platform, at first, what the names come in our mind are many social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. where you can interact with others using your personal profile, group, page, chatbot, and more.

As a part of social networking, you can keep your foot-mark in the group both casual and professional people you can interact with. Here say about your expertise, special capabilities, and the like.

Blogging:  It is one of the most celebrated personal branding platforms.  It is the short form of “Web Log”, which acts just like an online diary where you can express any idea that you want to talk about and inform others.

At present, blogging has been the most popular way for branding. Now it is not only limited to branding, you can earn from blogging. If you search on the internet, you will get many contents on how to blog and make to profitable.

Authority and authenticity: For any type of branding- personal or corporate- this quality is a fundamental thing. It is the situation where you are the most reliable source of information. It will increase your acceptance of others.

Facts of Self Marketing and Personal Branding

“Considering self-marketing or personal branding, hit on your drum by yourself. If you employ others, whether they will do less or ruin the drum.”

Rt. Prof. Suhas Chandro Chakroborty (Rajshahi College, English Department).

That means do your work done by yourself to achieve perfection.

Self Marketing is just like any other product or service marketing, that the corporate companies do, but here you are the product. Talk about yourself, your expertise, specialties, and let others talk about you and publish their expression whether negative or positive, be calm.

Personal Branding is no less strong as corporate branding where companies present products or services and for your branding, you are presenting you and your qualifications.

Goodwill is an asset. It is true for a company and equally for anybody who is professional. To gain a good reputation that is also an asset for yourself.

The Internet allows any brand or anybody to express his ideas, share and publish his views and philosophies. So, why you are thinking twice! Just you bang.

Since, companies and brands are growing their reputation utilizing website, why not you.

What you can do for online Self Marketing and Branding

It is pretty simple. Just express your ideas, concepts, and show skills & experiences to everybody. Keep interaction with others using social media and maintain 2-way communications. Make yourself trustable and authority. Be humble, educative, learner, and also a teacher. You can make video tutorials to teach people. Finally, measure public impression, traffic, and how much you influence others.

Start Online Personal branding right now

Open Facebook page and group, LinkedIn profile and group, Twitter account, write in Quora, use Tamblr, post images on Instagram, etc. for presenting yourself and skills.

Create your own website. Take the domain as your own name. Example: www.thomas dot com. Share your skill and experience here.

The requirement for a Good Job Application

To get a good job in any local or multinational company, you need a compelling CV or Resume with an attractive cover letter.

Link your CV to your professional blog, resources, articles, publications, and also link to your website where you can share more information about your skills and experiences.

You should have social media profiles, groups, and pages where you can create networks with like-minded professionals and friends. Always communicate with others who are already in high positions regarding jobs.

Analyze Your Personal Brand

While you are branding yourself, you have to keep some certain factors in mind. For example:

Check whether you own your actual name (Al Mamun). If it is very common, add an extra tag like Al Mamun OMS (Online Marketing Strategist). You can also use a nickname or descriptor/pseudonym at the end. Select your niche or brand like SEOExpert or SEOExpertUSA. You can also create a unique identity like Al Mamun CSP (Cloud School Pro).

Now it is time to finalize your brand name.

Get a brand name, Google it for uniqueness because a unique brand name is ideal, check user name availability for different media with , open social media pages & profiles, share quality content, and the like.

Get URL Vanity URLs for your profiles

Instead of

Get this link:


Useful Websites for Self Promotion

LinkedIn, Indeed, BDJobs, and VisualCV are for Resume. Scribd, Google Docs, DocStoc, etc. are for documentation. To upload images, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook group & Page, PhotoBucket, etc.

For international branding, Reddit can be a greate way. Just learn how to use reddit and sub-reddits carefully.

You can upload videos for showing skills on YouTube, Facebook Page, Vimeo, DailyMotion, LinkedIn, etc. SlideShare, Google Docs, AuthorStream are best for the slide presentations.

You can do blogging in Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook Note, Quora, LinkedIn, etc. As URL shortener, you can use, TinyURL, and

Upload audio files & podcasts in YouListen, MyPodcast, iTunes Podcast, PodBean, and PodOmatic.

Bonus Tips on Resume Site and Offsite Resume

You can also create animation, flash, infographics, Gif, etc. that is a good way to attract potential audiences.

 To make your website search engine friendly, create as many pages as you can on your skillset or place links to your blog in one place

Make video tutorials of what you know and embed them in your site with a few words description. You can also put the video thumbnail on your CV with QR Code.

Generate QR Code from here:

Thanks for reading to the end!