Top 10 Download Manager Software for Linux OS

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Linux is one of the most used operating systems all over the world. It is amazing for all the hassle-free features. But downloading is sometimes difficult as the download managers are not easily found like windows.

Anyway, Linux also has a lot of excellent download managers that you can get at free of cost. They offer you feature no less than IDM.

Here is the list of 10 best download managers for Linux and their features:

Xtreme Download Manager (XDM) 

XDM is the most used download manager for Linux as it is very similar to IDM. It is free, open-source and easy to install. The main features of XDM include:


  • XDM is for Linux and also for Windows, macOS.
  • It supports browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Safari, and Chromium.
  • It supports protocol as HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
  • It supports media ripping from sites.
  • XDM is incredibly fast in speed.
  • It resumes the interrupted download from where it is forced to stop.
  • You can get multiple downloading queues as scheduled and decide which file to download when.
  • It has the capacity of force resemble so that you do not lose the downloaded file.
  • You can download your favorite videos from YouTube by XDM.
  • It has an integrated virus check feature. 


Persepolis is a GUI for the aria2 protocol. It is also a free open source and cross-platform download manager for Linux. Main features in brief-


  • Persepolis is available for not only Linux but also for windows, macOS, and BSD.
  • It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.   
  • Persepolis supports multi-segment downloading.
  • Here you can download audio and video separately and get mixed up without compromising the quality.
  • It will open automatically when you open the browser
  • You can make a schedule for downloading several files in a queue.
  • It also supports multi-segment downloading.
  • Persephone has the browser ad-on feature.
  • The speed is so fast and no links get broken while downloading.
  • It can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.


uGet is one of the must-have download managers for Linux users. It is also free, open-source and cross-platform software. This software is extremely lightweight yet powerful. You get many cool features from this software. Here are some of them


  • Multiple downloading capacities with the highest possible speed
  • It works in windows, Unix, android and Linux.
  • It resumes the interrupted or postponed downloading files.
  • uGet has a multisegmental downloading capability up to 20.
  • You can have a clipboard monitoring feature by uGet.
  • You can make a customized schedule for downloading at different times.
  • It supports downloading torrent and Metalink files.
  • uGet can grab URLs from local files.
  • It supports FTP login and anonymous FTP.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are appliable to this download manager.


As DownThemAll is a Firefox plug-in, you can use it for Linux and macOS and BSD. Despite not being software, it is amazingly effective. some interesting features are –


  • Superfast download speed
  • It supports downloading multiple files at a time.
  • It automatically grabs links from firefox.
  • It can pause and resume downloads
  • This extension remembers your previous activities so you do not lose any important files.
  • DownThemAll is free from viruses and malware risk.
  • It checks SHA1 and MD5 hashs automatically.
  • Being a plug-in it does not kill any space of your computer.


Steadyflow is a pretty simple, minimalistic and user-friendly download manager for Linux. Though it does not provide a bunch of features, yet does the basic things properly. Now let’s see what it offers-


  • Steadyflow is built with GUI.
  • it is GTK+ library-based.
  • It captures URLs from the clipboard automatically.
  • It supports multiple downloads in a queue.
  • Steadyflow has an official extension ‘ChromeFlow’ for Chromium/Google Chrome.
  • It is a pause and resume capability supported.
  • It comes with super-fast download speed.


Flareget is also one of the leading, cross-platform download managers for Linux. You can get if free but there is a paid version too. Not to forget, it is not open source. Here the list of features offered by FlareGet-


  • Flareget is available for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Linux
  • It has multi-thread support and four segments per file.
  • It automatically captures YouTube videos
  • It captures URLs from clipboards too.
  • Flareget supports HTTP, FTTPS, and FTP.
  • It is available for 18 languages
  • It has pause and resume capability
  • Comes with bandwidth limit configuration
  • Supports Meta links.
  • It supports schedule making for downloading.


MultiGet is a free and open-source download manager with all the basic features. It is a cross-platform downloader and has a GUI based on wxWidgets. It provides a lot of features and some of them are-


  • MultiGet supports HTTP and FTP protocols
  • Pause and resume supporting
  • It has clipboard monitoring
  • You can get multitasking with multi-threading on multi servers.
  • SOCKS 4,4a, five proxy, FTP proxy, HTTP proxy supporting
  • No download file gets broken while using MultiGet.
  • It is available for Linux, windows, ubuntu, macOS, and BSDs.
  • You can switch languages dynamically
  • You can download files from multiple servers and combine them into one file.


KGet is a free, simple, versatile and user-friendly download manager for Linux. You can get all the essential features from it. It provides outstanding performance as a downloader. The key features are


  • It shows detail information about the downloading file.
  • Resume and pause supporting.
  • You can download multiple files at a time.
  • It supports Meta Links.
  • KGet downloads files from HTTP and FTP sources.
  • It embeds into the system tray.
  • It supports multi-thread downloads
  • It saves the crashed files so you do not lose them
  • You get the maximum downloading speed with the best quality.


PyLoad is a lightweight, free, open-source download manager for Linux. It is programmed on Python. It is manageable on web pages easily. The basic features provided by PyLoad are-


  • PyLoad can download multiple files at a time.
  • HTTPS and HTTP protocol supporting
  • One-click download feature
  • It has file unzip and captcha recognition feature
  • It supports resume and pauses while downloading.
  • PyLoad has a lot of plugins.
  • Easily accessible and cross-platform downloader.
  • It is available for all the operating systems like Windows, macOS. Linux and Ubuntu.
  • It can download from the common video sites.

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo is one of the best download managers for Linux users. You can get it free from open source.  It is unique and efficient in downloading. The features provided by it are-

Features :

  • Multi-thread downloading support.
  • You can keep track or the downloading files even if the internet issue interrupts
  • You can pause and resume,
  • It speeds up downloading
  • It lets you have a fresh link after getting broken
  • You can download from multiple sources
  • It allows you to preview the media files
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • easily accessible.

So, these are the 10 best download managers for Linux. The basic features are quite similar. Still take your time to read reviews and features before downloading one.  I hope this list will help you in this regard.