17 Signs of Facebook Addiction, Symptoms and Impact

facebook addiction signs

Using Social Media is not basically totally harmful as it is thought. Rather they can be useful partners for your daily life. They are like drugs, if you take more than your need, you will get addicted, but if you take as you need, they are useful. Same example can be set up with knife. You can use a knife for both- killing someone and chopping vegetables.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc, has a great usefulness, just you have to use carefully. They can be your brand ambassador for business. You can utilize Facebook for branding, product marketing, and building networking by fruitful communication. It is true for everything that excessive anything is harmful for money, health, and future.

 Here you are going to catch signs that will indicate to whether you are addicted to Facebook or social media. Let’s see.

Spending more time without benefits

We have no objection to spending too much time for expanding business through social media websites like Facebook. You can spend valuable time on study group, business pages or groups, social works, etc. But what we want to say is that if you are spending too much time in Facebook for useless chatting, messaging, just scrolling, and watching video clips and photos, you are only wasting valuable times. If it is more than 30 minutes or 1 hour, then it is definitely you are addicted to Facebook

Going crazy to make new friends

Everybody likes to have new friends in Facebook. It is great for building brand and networking. Be careful, if it seems to that you have gone restless to get more new friends and like to chat and read new messages more and more, you are addicted to social media like Face book. You should be calm and use facebook for quality time spending that will bring benefits otherwise you are losing valuable time and ultimately opportunities.

Appreciating more comments and likes

See whether you are checking facebook several times a day for knowing that how many comments and likes you have got. If it is yes that you are logging in Facebook many times for getting more likes and comments, then you are obviously addicted to facebook. You should control yourself, use facebook for business and study, communication and thus spend quality time. More likes and more comments will never bring you money. It will get valuable time from you out, you will be alone, your social life will be hazardous.

Watching Facebook videos more

Facebook videos will give you short time satisfaction. You will be amused, but in the long run you are losing actionable times from your life. You are bringing benefits watching business ads into Facebook videos for the advertisers and the video owners. But what are you getting? A big Zero. Nothing. Losing time and money, making yourself alone

You start and end you day with Facebook browsing

Getting up from bed and going to bed browsing facebook, if you log in facebook on dinner table, browsing facebook while walking are some of the signs that you are addicted to facebook. If you start and end your days with facebok without benefits, you are doing a great mistake. You are losing valuable things. Such a use of facebook may make your mood negative due to having negative news.

Enjoying facebook hangout rather than physical meet up

If you show excuse to friends for physical meet up and don’t like to Hangout in a place together, rather than to hangout virtually in facebook or other digital media, you are addicted to facebook and other media. Facebook hangout virtually can make you popular and you may find joy, but ultimately you will be alone. In need, you will not get those friends. They are virtual friends will remain virtual even when you seek help or any collaboration.

Giving importance facebook relation over real life friendship

Suppose you are giving more time to the facebook friends, you are caring more of the virtual friends, you prioritize friend in internet, etc. all these are harmful for real life relationship and it is sign that you are addicted to Facebook. Mind it, virtual friends are hardly beneficial. In case of your necessity, you will not get them beside you. So, give importance to the real life friends who will come forward surely in your bad times.

Take seriously facebook comment and emoji reaction

Heed on yourself. If you take facebook comments and emoji reactions seriously, you are addicted to facebbok badly. Virtual comments and reactions in facebook hardly bear value. Until it is related to your branding and business, you need not to take social media comments seriously. Don’t let them hurt yourself. Win over virtual reactions.

Whatever you do keeping in mind Facebook

If you always think about facebook, discuss facebook happenings with friend and other, you are really doing mistake. Whenever you are going to do anything and if you like to post and share those like pictures or any seemingly important quotations in facebook, you are gone. You are addicted to facebook. Keep something private; don’t allow posting everything in facebook. Make understand you mind. All things are not for facebook and social media. Leave something private.

Feel hasty?

You are addicted to facebook if you feel hasty to post when you take a picture or get exciting news without proof. The feeling of hitting the like button and commenting to our friends’ post irrespective of the situation you are in expresses your addiction. Facebook addiction is not less than the addiction to drug.

Checking out Facebook feed frequently

The frequency of checking facebook feed shows whether you are addicted to facebook or not. If you check facebook feed more frequently, you are addicted to fb.

You like facebook chatting

Facebook chatting duration shows your addiction to fb. It may be the reconnection of old friends that push you to addict facebook. CNN report said that reconnecting to old friends is not necessarily bad thing, but if you obsessed to chatting on facebook with old love, it is dangerous addiction. You can keep off facebook Chabot option.

Regularly facebook profile editing

It is another symptom of facebook addiction that you are frequently updating facebook profile. You cannot but change fb profile picture, facebook cover photo, status of facebook, etc. You like to see others’ facebook update is also a sign that you are seriously addicted to face book.

Logging on facebook on the bed

The use of facebook when you are trying to sleep on bed is another sign of facebook addiction. To avoid this habit, you can keep off WIFI connection when you go to bed. Log off the facebook if it is possible. Too much time spending in facebook on the bed is the reason of late rising.

Sign in on facebook on the go

Do not use facebook when you are going to office, school, college or university through footpath. It is also a symptom of addiction. Try not to logging in on facebook while walking on footpath.

Using facebook while discussing with friends

When you are with your close friends, try to avoid facebook log in, because it is another sign that you are sunk in facebook. Facebook addiction disorder will spoil your entire life

Discussing facebook matters too often

If you discuss facebook matters when meet up with friends, it is a sign of social anxiety that you are addicted to social media. So try to skip this trait from your daily life.

However, the addiction to social media, especially to facebook will destroy actionable work time, sleeping time working energy, relationships with friends and relatives, and many more. Although facebook has a lot of bad sides, it has also many useful ways to be benefited. If you leverage social media for business purposes, facebook can be your great tool to boost your business.