Suggestion of Poetry for First Year Final Exam

Part-C, For- 2020 How does Shakespeare immortalize/glorify his friend in his “Sonnet- 18”? Comment on Wordsworth’s treatment of nature in “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”. Explain the central idea of Milton’s sonnet “On His Blindness”. Describe the Victorian Spirit/features as reflected in the poem ‘Ulysses’. Comment on the treatment of childhood/imagery in “Fern Hill”. […]

What is Dramatic Monologue?

Dramatic Monologue is a lyrical poem in the form of speech spoken by a single man. It is dramatic because it begins abruptly and in the development of its thought it takes several sudden turns which impart a dramatic dimension to the poem. In a dramatic monologue, the single speaker reveals his thoughts in the […]

The Genres of Poetry

What are the Genres of Poetry? The students of English Literature must know the genres of poetry. They should know the elements that make a poem either narrative or lyric. They should know the fundamental features of the sonnet, ode, elegy, dramatic monologue, metaphysical poetry, modern poetry, and more. The knowledge of these forms makes […]