Top Level Domain Extensions and Their Meanings

best top level domain extension tld

Choosing the right domain extension is the first concern while building a website. The success of the website often depends on the domain extension. Different types of top-level domain extensions are mostly used for websites. TLD is one of the factors to get a high amount of traffic on a website. Think, when you write […]

How to Get a Free Domain and Hosting

find free domain hosting

To get a free the best Domain and Hosting, we will use 000webhost. Google it First, and go to the site After entering the website, you need to find “Free Sign Up”. Click on it. For signing up, you have to enter your email address and a password. Or you can simply log in with […]

How to Buy the best domain name?

buy a domain hosting

To launch any website, you need a domain and hosting. Domain is the name of your website. And hosting is a place where your websites’ files will have kept on the web. Now let’s have a look at how you can buy a domain and buy a hosting. To purchase a top-level domain, I’m going […]