Character List for Coriolanus:

  • Caius Martius (Coriolanus): The protagonist of the play, a skilled Roman general.
  • Volumnia: Coriolanus’ mother, a strong and influential figure.
  • Aufidius: A Volscian general and Coriolanus’ adversary.
  • Cominius: A Roman general and mentor to Coriolanus.
  • Menenius Agrippa: A Roman senator and friend to Coriolanus.
  • Sicinius Velutus and Junius Brutus: Tribunes of the people, representing the commoners’ interests.
  • Virgilia: Coriolanus’ wife.
  • Young Martius: Coriolanus’ son.

Summary of Coriolanus:

Coriolanus is a tragedy by William Shakespeare that unfolds in ancient Rome. Caius Martius, a skilled and proud general, earns the title “Coriolanus” after a victorious battle in the city of Corioles. However, his disdain for the common people and refusal to gain their favor for political power led to his banishment from Rome.

Coriolanus joins forces with his former enemy, Aufidius, and together they plan to march against Rome. Despite his anger and desire for revenge, Coriolanus is persuaded by his mother, Volumnia, and his family to spare the city. Unfortunately, his decision angers Aufidius, leading to a tragic outcome.

The play explores themes of pride, political manipulation, and the consequences of rigid societal hierarchies. Coriolanus’ tragic flaw, his unwillingness to engage with the common people, ultimately results in his downfall. The story delves into the complexities of power, loyalty, and the impact of personal choices on both individual lives and the fate of a nation.