Elizabethan Period

Queen Elizabeth I of England ruled the then England from 1558 to 1603. After her name, this period is known as the Elizabethan period aka the golden age of prosperity in power, commerce, art, and nationalism of the English.

It was the greatest age of English Drama. William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, and Ben Jonson were the great dramatists of this period.

The age is also famous for its rich poetry. Edmund Spenser, the poet of poets, wrote in this age. Shakespeare also wrote sonnets.

Francis Bacon, the pioneer of the English essay, was another notable author of this time.

Elizabethan age was tremendously influenced by the Renaissance that broadened human outlook, created interest in enlightenment, made people humanistic, and liberal.

Therefore, the literature of this age is characterized by a tendency to break away from the Greek and Roman literary tradition. For this reason, this period is also remarked as the birth time of English Romanticism.

Elizabethan time is marked by the profundity of thought, idealism in philosophical choice, lucidity in language, and excellence in poetry.