Paraphrase of Of Great Place

Paraphrase of Of Great Place

In important positions, men serve in three ways: as servants of the ruler or state, as servants of their reputation, and as servants of their work. Consequently, they have no real freedom in their actions, their time, or even in their personal lives. It’s strange to desire power and sacrifice freedom, or to seek control over others while losing control over oneself.

Climbing the ladder to high positions requires hard work, but it often leads to even more burdens. Sometimes, it involves compromising one’s principles to gain recognition and status. Maintaining power is precarious, and stepping down can lead to a fall or at least a decline, which can be quite depressing.

Retirement is difficult for those in power, and they may resist it even when it is appropriate, craving attention and public life even in old age and sickness when they should seek solitude. Great individuals may need to rely on others’ opinions to feel happy because if they rely on their own feelings, they may not find happiness. Yet, if they think others admire them and want to be like them, they can feel happy, even if it might not be entirely true.

Being in a position of authority gives license to do both good and evil deeds. However, it is better to aspire to use power for good rather than evil. Good thoughts are meaningless unless they are put into action, and for that, one needs power and authority. Achieving merit and good works leads to contentment, as if one were sharing in God’s rest.

To be successful in a leadership role, look to the best examples and your own behavior. Learn from the mistakes of others without shaming them, and strive to set positive precedents. Examine the past and present for guidance and create a regular course of action while remaining flexible when necessary. Preserve your position and the rights of others, seek advice, and avoid the vices of authority like delays, corruption, roughness, and excessive leniency.

A person’s position reveals their true character, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Ambition can be fierce, but in authority, one should be steady and composed. Remember and treat your predecessors with respect, and if you have colleagues, include them and value their input. Don’t be too conscious of your status in conversations or when answering requests; instead, be a different person when you are in your official position.