Prose Suggestion: 1st Year Final Exam- 2021

1st Year Final Exam 2021, will be held this year-2022

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Cloud School Pro- 1st year
“Rapid Course”

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-Al Mamun, CSP

Cloud School Pro- 1st year
“Rapid Course”
@এক্সাম এর প্রস্তুতি
@ জুমে লাইভ ক্লাস হয়।
@ ক্লাস রেকর্ড করে গ্রুপে শেয়ার করা হয়।
@ আগের সব ক্লাস গ্রুপেই পাবে।
@ সপ্তাহে ৩ দিন ১ ঘণ্টা করে পড়ান হয়।
@ শনি-সোম-বুধ, রাত ৮.৩০-৯.৩০ টা
@ পেইড জুম সফটওয়্যার, তাই নিরবচ্ছিন ১ ঘণ্টা ক্লাস হয়
@ আইপিএস আছে, সো বিদ্যুৎ যাওয়ার বা রেকর্ড ক্লাস হারিয়ে যাওয়ার ভয় নেই।


Introduction to prose, Exam’ll be held in 2022

Suggestion for 2021 | Introduction to prose


PART-C: Broad Questions

  1. Discuss Bacon’s prose style / aphoristic style based on Of Studies.
  2. Discuss Bacon’s use of Practical wisdom / pragmatic views.
  3. Discuss Tagore’s protest and patriotism that you find in “Letter to Lord Chelmsford Rejecting Knighthood”.
  4. Discuss the background and importance of the Gettysburg address.
  5. How did Lincoln prove that Democracy is the best form of government?
  6. Discuss the contribution of Mandela in establishing democracy in South Africa.
  7. What attitude does Orwell express towards imperialism and colonialism in “Shooting an Elephant“?
  8. How the writer was exploited by the Lady Guest in The Luncheon. / Irony of Situation
  9. How the writer shows the romantic craving/adolescent love of a young heart in Araby?
  10. Sketch the character of Della.
  11. Discuss the symbolic significance of the can in the story “Can in the Rain”.
  12. Discuss the role of chance and coincidence in Silas Marner
  13. Discuss the treatment of child psychology in Games at Twilight.
  14. The character of Roghu/Ravi
  15. The Garden Party is the study of a girl’s transformation to maturity-discuss.


PART-B: Short Questions

  1. “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man”. Elaborate the line.
  2. How according to Bacon, does reading make a full man?
  3. Why did Tagore reject his Knighthood?
  4. What made Orwell shoot the elephant?
  5. What does the elephant signify in “Shooting an Elephant”?
  6. What was the reaction among the Europeans after shooting the elephant?
  7. Explain the following lines: —
  8. “Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger”.
  9. What, according to Lincoln, are the unfinished tasks?
  10. Describe the historical significance of the speech “I Have a Dream”.
  11. What “twin obligations” does Mandela mention?
  12. Who is the protagonist of the story “Araby”? What does he aspire to achieve and why?
  13. What was the writer’s first impression about the lady guest?
  14. What irony do you find in the story “The Luncheon”?
  15. “But I have had my revenge at last” who is the narrator of the line and elucidate the following line.
  16. Why does O’ Henry call Jim and Della, the “Magi” of the modern times?
  17. How Jim and Della prove their love to each other?
  18. Discuss the character of Jim.
  19. How did Laura react to the death of her poor neighbor?
  20. Write a note on ‘Sheridan’s Family’.
  21. “But we can’t have a garden party with a man dead just outside the front gate”. Who said this and in what context?
  22. Discuss the class consciousness in “The Garden Party”.
  23. Discuss the use of foreign language in “Cat in the Rain”.
  24. Briefly comment on the desperation of Ravi to win the game.
  25. Why is Ravi unwilling to join the funeral game?
  26. How did Moly die?
  27. Discuss Silas’s obsession with money.
  28. What effect does Eppie have on Silas’s life?
  29. What is the writer’s first impression about the lady guest?
  30. How did the narrator’s quest/disillusioned for beauty and romance change in Araby?
  31. What did the narrator in Araby see in the market?
  32. What done the protagonist strive to achieve?
  33. How is the American couple portrayed in A Cat in the Rain?

PART-A: Brief Questions

2020 Examination

  1. Consider I have a dream is a charter/manifesto of freedom and equality for the black people.
  2. Comment on the theme of alienation in the story “Cats in the Rain”.
  3. How does K. Mansfield depict a sharp contrast between the haves and have-nots in her story, “The Garden party”.
  4. Discuss Letter to Chelmsford is a protest against British Raj in India./ tagore’s patriotic feelings
  5. Sketch the character of Della/ Jim
  6. How does Bacon use Practical wisdom?/ pragmatic views
  7. Discuss Mandela’s contribution to establishing democracy in South Africa.
  8. Orwell’s attitude towards imperialism and colonialism in Shooting an Elephant
  9. Write the historical background of the Gettysburg address.
  10. How the writer shows the romantic craving/adolescent love of a young heart in Araby?
  11. How was the writer exploited by the lady guest in The Luncheon?
  12. Bring out the symbolic meaning of the title “Games at Twilight”/ Irony.
  13. The character of Roghu/Ravi
  14. Discuss the role of Eppie in bringing about the optimism in Silas Marner’s life.
  15. The character of Silas Marner/ Nancy