Suggestion of Prose for First Year Final Examination

2020 Examination

  1. Consider I have a dream is a charter/manifesto of freedom and equality for the black people.
  2. Comment on the theme of alienation in the story “Cats in the Rain”.
  3. How does K. Mansfield depict a sharp contrast between the haves and have-nots in her story, “The Garden party”.
  4. Discuss Letter to Chelmsford is a protest against British Raj in India./ tagore’s patriotic feelings
  5. Sketch the character of Della/ Jim
  6. How does Bacon use Practical wisdom?/ pragmatic views
  7. Discuss Mandela’s contribution to establishing democracy in South Africa.
  8. Orwell’s attitude towards imperialism and colonialism in Shooting an Elephant
  9. Write the historical background of the Gettysburg address.
  10. How the writer shows the romantic craving/adolescent love of a young heart in Araby?
  11. How was the writer exploited by the lady guest in The Luncheon?
  12. Bring out the symbolic meaning of the title “Games at Twilight”/ Irony.
  13. The character of Roghu/Ravi
  14. Discuss the role of Eppie in bringing about the optimism in Silas Marner’s life.
  15. The character of Silas Marner/ Nancy