How to remove background from an image

replace white background in photoshop

How to remove background from an image by clipping path Do you want to kick out the background from product images? Let’s start! Open an image in Photoshop. Take Pen tool from the left toolbar. You can use other selection tools like lasso tool, magic wand tool as well. Create a clipping path around the […]

Review of Photo Editor: How to edit images with Pixlr

pixlr photo editor

If you are bored with Adobe Photoshop or look for a fast photo editing diy tool, we want to recommend you to use Pixlr online photo fixing tool as an alternative to Photoshop. Almost all the necessary tools and options you will get here for enhancing image quality. For a quick photo editing purpose, you […]

Top ten photo editing and graphic design companies


In our other content, we listed the top 10 image editing software that you can use by yourself but what if you are an online business person who needs to upload very clear and professionally retouched photos of the products? Or you want your wedding photos to be wonderful and incomparable? Yes, then you need […]